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A doctor sentences the influence of steroids in the death of the famous bodybuilder Jo Linder

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  • The untimely death of bodybuilder Jo Lindner at just 30 years old rocked the bodybuilding world last week. The cause was a brain aneurysm and, although many users on social networks debated whether steroid abuse had something to do with it, a prestigious doctor seems to rule it out.

    In a new episode of ‘The Mike O’Hearn Show,’ Dr. Rand McClain explains why anabolic steroids probably had nothing to do with Jo Lindner’s death.

    And it is that unfortunately, every time a bodybuilder dies, much is attributed to the anabolic steroids they consume. But the explanation always goes much further and is not that simple… Although steroids have very dangerous long-term effects on a person’s health, most autopsies cannot establish a direct connection to steroids for the majority of these deaths in bodybuilding.

    In the case of Jo Lindner, it has been revealed that an aneurysm was the cause of death. There are two main types of aneurysms: brain and aortic. Death often occurs when an aneurysm, a bulge in the wall of a blood vessel, bursts, sending a blood clot to the heart or brain.

    Rand McClain, MD, a Western University graduate and faculty in the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine Residency Program, is an expert in sports, rejuvenative, regenerative, cosmetic, and family medicine.

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    Steroids Did Not Cause Jo Lindner’s Death

    While it is true that many bodybuilders use steroids to enhance performance and growth, there are also many who do not and die prematurely as well.

    But whether or not Jo Lindner used anabolic steroids doesn’t really matter. Because? “Because she probably played little or no role in Jo Lindner’s death,” says the doctor. If we believe she died of a burst aneurysm, steroids would have little to do with it.

    Dr. Rand McClain admits that steroids can contribute to heart disease and premature death. But when this happens, it’s usually due to the enlargement of the heart and hardening of the blood vessels.

    Could anabolic steroids contribute to making the aneurysm worse? Rand McClain says this is possible, but it is not possible to have caused the aneurysm itself. What is more likely is that the genetic condition is passed down through the family. If aneurysms were more common in Jo Lindner’s family history, it is more likely that he would also develop an aneurysm himself.

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