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Aefa Les Mills launches a study to improve the loyalty and competitiveness of gyms

Aefa Les Mills seeks to promote the loyalty and competitiveness of Spanish gyms. The company specialized in fitness programs wants to offer gyms proven information and real data on the current moment of Spanish fitnessuser behavior and group fitness instructors and a segment of customers who seem to have not returned to their clubs.

To this end, it has partnered with the Cost and Process Optimization consultancy, with extensive experience in sectoral research, to conducting a study of the behavior of the client and the current fitness instructor. With this survey, it intends to know the profile of the current user of fitness centers, their motivations and their training preferences; have reliable data about fitness clients who have not yet returned to their gyms, their reasons, knowing if they practice any type of physical exercise and where they do it; and to know the current behavior of the instructors of group fitness activities such as abandonment of the sector, change of company or entrepreneurship, causes and possible solutions.

With initiatives like this, Aefa Les Mills wants to continue leading the recruitment and training of talent in fitness clubs, with services, training and permanent performances, innovating in the way of training and imparting these activities to attract clients in their programs.

You can participate in this survey entrepreneurs, managers or directors of sports centerscoordinators, group fitness activity instructorsformer fitness club instructors, whether Les Mills or not, and current or former clients and who unsubscribed.

The companies that participate will receive a copy of the study with the results obtained, that may contribute to improving their competitiveness by allowing them different advantages: comparing themselves with other sports centers (benchmarking); better understand your customers, the first step for loyalty; increase the chances of recovery of the customer segment that has not yet returned; and understand the satisfaction variables of the instructors to improve the loyalty of talent in your organization.

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