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Aerobics & Fitness expands its range of strength training to cover its peak

Aerobic & Fitness is about to complete a positive first half of 2023. This is clear from the assessments provided by its CEO, Mercè Vilamú. The directive maintains that the progression of the Spanish park of gyms is “positive”, although it admits differences in recovery between large operators and small ones. In this sense, Vilamú regrets that small gyms are the ones that are most forced to fight “in the face of the lack of credit, the increase in their general costs and being financially recovering from the post-covid situation.”

The financial situation has not been the same for all gyms and a large part of them have to overcome numbers

Do you think that, as a general rule, Spanish gyms are better, the same or worse than they were a year ago?

With respect to the year 2022, Spanish gyms have opened two trends. The first, linked to the number of members, in which a good part of the large centers have already recovered even pre-pandemic figures. And a second, in which a large number of small stores still have to face energy costs and debts caused by the health crisis. In other words, the financial situation has not been the same for everyone and a large part of the sector has to overcome numbers. But progress is positive.

What aspects would you highlight as key factors in determining the current situation of Spanish gyms?

The large sports centers of brands with investment funds behind them are recovering the investment in their centers or projecting openings, but the others have to fight due to the lack of credit, the increase in costs in general and the lower number of members.

What is your general assessment of the evolution of Aerobics and Fitness during the first semester of 2023?

The valuation is very positive in our three core divisions. The international line is rising because the international market is normalizing after the covid; as is the case with the sale of our products at a national level both to our main clients, sports centers and through our website.

However, the sales channel on marketplaces is following the same trend as the fitness category on these platforms, it is returning to pre-covid values.

The CEO of Aerobic & Fitness, Mercè Vilamú, has declared that “Pilates training has also had a notable escalation that has optimized the distribution of our Align brand”.

What have been the aspects of your company that have evolved in a more favorable way during this period?

The huge increase in our range of strength training products. Currently, the influx of young people to this type of exercise has been such that many of the gyms have had to expand their spaces -both indoors and outdoors- and even buy new premises.

Likewise, Pilates training has also had a notable escalation that has optimized the distribution of our brand align. Counting, in addition, with the opening of new centers in view of the strong demand for this discipline.

The sales of our three channels in these six months have been higher than those of the first half of 2022

Will the sales of the first half of this 2023 in Aerobics and Fitness have been higher, equal or lower than those of the same period last year?

The sales of our three channels in these six months have been higher than those of the first half of 2022. Specifically, the national business has grown by 10%; the international 5% and the online line, the web, 7%. However, the industry marketplace It is declining and some platforms -such as Planeta Huerto- have closed the fitness category that they created in the covid era.

The sale of fitness equipment rose exponentially in these interactive markets during the pandemic because the client wanted to continue training at home. But now that the coronavirus has been overcome, the numbers of the marketplaces in the category they are contracting People have returned to their usual gym. We will therefore have to wait for the sector to normalize and return to pre-pandemic levels, although we never stop working with them. As we do with Deporvillage, among others.

What phenomena in the fitness market have led to this evolution?

The influx of young people, the creation of new rooms and centers and the reforms that the clubs have undertaken, even improving their offer.

For the second half of this year we have several projects planned to improve our website

What main business challenges does Aerobics and Fitness face for the second half of this year?

We have several projects to improve our website, with the aim of facilitating the management of customer orders. We seek a more interactive environment in which the search for information is more immediate and transparent. With more videos, content, budgets and comparisons where the client can acquire greater autonomy.

Likewise, we have incorporated new equipment references to increase our range for strength training. We want to include more technology in our offer and provide a better service in its distribution. In addition to expanding the range of brand disc loading equipment o´live

For this 2023 we have set ourselves the goal of billing 3.5 million euros

What turnover did Aerobic and Fitness register in 2022?

Last year we invoiced three million euros.

What billing forecast have you set for this 2023?

We have set ourselves the goal of reaching three and a half million euros in 2023.

Based on the sales registered so far, do you think it is feasible to achieve that goal? How do you plan to promote its achievement?

We think we will meet the objective now that the smaller clubs are recovering and have greater investment power. Obviously, if they improve their figures, we, as suppliers, will also increase our results.

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