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Aitana shows off more defined abs than ever at the O Son Do Camiño festival

last weekend Aitana was in charge of closing the Galician festival O Son Do Camiño and he did it showing off a toned abdomen that we had not seen until now. Since she recently released her last song ‘Las babys’, a sample of the classic 90s track ‘Saturday Night’, has had us hooked on the rhythm and in fact we predict we won’t get it out until at least the end of the summer. The fact is that not even the rain in Santiago de Compostela prevented Aitana from going on stage with a very short top that revealed a super marked abdominal lineto that, as good fans, we assure that he did not have when he entered the OT academy. And it is true that in recent years the singer has undergone a brutal physical and not only stylistic transformation. Aitana has learned to take care of herself little by little, introducing exercise as a fundamental part of her routine and also focusing on taking care of her diet.

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o son do camiño festival 2023 day 3

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How do you get such a strong abdomen?

Showing off a ripped abdomen like Aitana’s is not easy and for this we have to focus on the core area with specific exercises designed to tone. The first thing we must do if we want to mark the abdominal muscles is to reduce the level of abdominal fat and strengthen the area to gain tone and to form the desired six pack pattern. There are countless routines for this, but we warn you that this type of strength training is quite intense and intense. Do you dare? Next we leave you a routine designed by one of our trainers.

For extra help we turn to cosmetics that make life easy for us. A highly recommended product is this E’lifexir cream with draining and liposculpting effect which works great if you combine it with training.

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Abdominal routine to define

preview for Trainer of the month: abdominal routine with Andrea de Ayala
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He is a specialist in covering red carpets to look for the most defined abs but he does not get ruffled if he has to try the toughest CrossFit exercises that have to be done to achieve them. Now, what she likes most about her job is having the opportunity to snoop around in the beauty bag of celebrities and ask everyone (she never forgets) for her favorite beauty trick.

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