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Alba Díaz Martín breaks Instagram showing off toned buttocks that are from another planet

We have been following in the footsteps of Alba Diaz Martin whom we have known since she was a little girl for being the daughter of Vicky Martín Berrocal and therefore we have seen her complete transformation until she became a complete an influencer with her own name. About his other change, the physique, we have also talked many times because he is a source of fitness inspiration for the great results he has achieved thanks to his constant training Guided in recent times by the personal trainer Miguel Lordán, also known for being the personal trainer of many celebrities on the national scene. Alba, on this occasion, has surprised us with a posed in a bikini with an openwork dress in fluorine tones that, in addition to contrasting with the tan of her skin and making the look look spectacular, revealed her round, firm and strong buttocks It shows that he has worked hard all year in the gym.

Trick to get such toned and raised buttocks

Getting to define the buttocks is the star objective of all of us who work on lower body routines in the gym and we have to say that it is not an easy job, although it is one of the most rewarding when it comes to training because it is relatively quick to see results. If you like focus on defining glutes You must find a specific routine with exercises designed to gain muscle mass in the area and thus achieve that push up effect that Alba Díaz has. Here is a routine that you can copy.

Do not forget that to do this type of training safely you must get the right footwear to follow the rhythm of your steps.

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Routine to strengthen buttocks

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