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Andrea Guasch’s hard training to reach the final of Tu cara sounds familiar to me

If you’re from the 1990s or later, the name of Andrea Guasch you probably will look familiar. Despite making her theater debut, the vast majority of us met this actress, composer and dancer in the series ‘Cambio de clase’ that Disney aired. And yes, it was also her who he arranged for us to get started on cardio giving voice to the fast theme (at least, the first seconds) of ‘The Wizards of Waverly Place’. Now, despite continuing to be active, the name of Andrea Guasch has gained strength -and never better said- in our (and your) conversations with his participation in the ‘Your face sounds familiar’ contest. Even more so, after qualifying in one of the hardest-fought finals of the program.

And it is that, we will all agree that the performances he has performed have been the most varied and, furthermore, they have involved quite a few choreographies. You just have to remember that her debut in the imitation contest was playing Chanel herself (remember: with these keys, you can get the artist’s toned body) to the rhythm of her ‘Slomo’.

What does this mean? That full-body routines or cardio exercises that give very good resultsamong others, they had room in their preparation; In none of his performances have we seen her stop to catch a breath to avoid drowning or avoid the occasional rooster. The secret? A good physical preparation. One that, as Women’s Health has been told by her trainer 23toptrainingbegan in August of last year.

Since like Miriam Rodríguez -editing partner-, who has left us speechless on more than one occasion showing off her spectacular abs in a bikini or with the intensity of some of the full-body exercises she performs, Andrea Guasch, as 23toptraining qualified, prepared to be “full” in the program.

Andrea Guasch’s training that has helped her reach the final of ‘Your face sounds familiar to me’

As his personal trainer told us, “with Andrea we did great preparation before the program started. It was important to start strong as the first number she had was, no more, no less, to imitate Chanel’s performance, SloMo.”

In this sense and with a view to performance, 23toptraining points out two stages. In the first: “we focus the first training sessions to gain depth and work more cardio through runs or more dynamic exercises.


Once this was achieved, “we decided to make a lot of leg work and CORE“. For this step, as can be seen in the video, they used the bosu (yes, the same one that will help you train your legs and buttocks hard). With this, “we were getting a lot of muscular resistance; with the they manage to activate the deepest musculature“. A job that, in turn, they intensified with tapes or TRX, among other accessories.

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He has done an impeccable jobwhere she has shown all the effort and self-improvement”, he points out regarding the grand finale and adds, “she always wants more and that competitive character takes her there”.

OcioDual Bosu, for the most intense leg training

Bosu, for the most intense leg training

OcioDual Bosu, for the most intense leg training

And now that?

andrea guasch


It is precisely this competitive and overcoming facet that has favored Andrea Guasch sharing on social networks a few hours ago that, after finishing the filming of ‘Your face sounds to me’ resumed some of his old and healthy habits where sport or, rather, the most complete training session -as we can see from the dumbbells, the bosu and the mat– No was missing.

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