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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s nostalgic advice for not skipping leg day

arnold schwarzenegger never skipped leg day in training. He has evidence to prove it and at the same time encourage his followers to follow his example to complete the most complete bodybuilder body and qualify for the title of Mr Olympia like the one he won on several occasions.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s occurrence has consisted of publishing a photograph of his early years when he was preparing to be the best bodybuilder in the world. It would be the path that would open the door to the United States and his subsequent cinematographic and political careers. That’s why he has never forgotten efforts like the one he put into his lower body to stand out in the world of muscle.

MARCY Weight bench

MARCY Weight bench

Credit: AMAZON

Did you skip leg day? There’s always time to fix it“, Arnold Schwarzenegger has written on his social networks along with the vintage image of one of his first years of training. Envintamente, he has accompanied the publication with a link to his gym for anyone who wants to sign up.

Currently, the leg work is something that the trainers for strike an essential balance in the body for both bodybuilders and those who want a healthy life. For this, there are exercises for the legs without using weights or leg routines to gain muscle both in the quadriceps and in the rest of the extremities.

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