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As school is out for summer, parents across America add many new roles to their plate – use these tips to stay healthy amongst the busy

Salt Lake City, UT (Good Things Utah) – As school is out for summer, parents across America add the new role of entertainer, organizer, Uber driver, and backyard BBQ host to their already busy schedules. This can result in a bundle of exhaustion. Registered Holistic Nutritionist Suzan Galluzzo has a summer plan to help parents prioritize self-care and get the energy they need for this summer shift. 

As a highly sought-after transformational coach, Galluzzo teaches women worldwide science-based health and nutrition strategies that lead to lasting transformations for themselves and their families. 

Galluzzo’s energy-boosting strategies cover topics that may be new to parents, including: 

  • Which vitamins and other nutrients are ultra necessary during the summer months
  • Why parents should be getting nutrients in their system year-round
  • How to avoid brain fog and energy slumps through proper hydration
  • Why having optimal levels of omega3 can help parents to keep going
  • Healthy food swaps to help smooth out blood sugar roller coasters

Tune in to hear about these health tips to keep yourself going as a busy parent. Find more of Galuzzo’s wellness tips by visiting Suzangalluzzo.com and social media at @suzangalluzzo.

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