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Barré Yes, the class with the bar, elastic bands and ball that changes the body

It is not easy to find a fitness class that ends up fitting your schedule and what your body needs, but given the enormous variety that exists today, we can say that the workout of your dreams It’s out there waiting for you to discover it. For those who need to raise their heart rate, a very good option could be Síclo, and for those who want to harden their muscles without the need for HIIT, Barré is the best solution.

Barré is usually a training that does not produce a startle when mentioned. The reason? The fact of working with ballet bars, with a gymnast ball and elastic bands makes it seem simple, but that does not make it less efficient. The truth is that Barré is a workout from which you leave tired because you have moved absolutely all the muscles of your body, and the shoelaces knock on the door a few hours after having done it. In a better definition, Mary Colesinstructor of Síclo and Barré Sí, points out that it is a discipline “inspired by ballet, yoga and Pilates”.

The expert comments that it is developed from “the magic of classical dance”, and this is a 100% Mexican concept: “The classes consist of a combination of various exercises from these three disciplines, brought to fitness, with the aim of strengthening, tone and compact muscles. As well as working flexibility and protecting joints and bones.

That’s right Barré Yes

This discipline is loaded with benefits if the instructor’s instructions are followed, as it is in this case. María Coles acknowledges that today “there are numerous centers where Barré is taught”, and Síclo’s family has also wanted to launch their own classes. “It is characterized by the use of ballet barre and various materials such as elastic bands, ball and weights to enhance the desired results in the whole body. In Barre Sí you consciously work every muscle in your body, in a perfect balance». The transformation in the body like that of a dancer is what makes this exercise an addiction: isometric and controlled movements in harmonic repetitions achieve immediate results, without injuries and of Low impact. “It is safe for all ages, ideal for starting a new lifestyle, and safe for pregnant women or people with injuries,” the expert guarantees.

Barré is a very inclusive discipline that can be done by men and women of all ages. It is even a great option during pregnancy, applying variations in some exercises. As Coles assures, “the entire body is worked very efficiently, so for those who cannot or do not want to go to the gym, Barré Sí is the best option.”

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