Bedros Keuilian “The Ultimate Personal Trainer” Reveals the Origin and Secrets of His Industry Success

Bedros Keuilian stands out among trainers not only for his expertise and the effectiveness of his programs but also for being relevant and relatable to his clients. He is known as the “ultimate personal trainer” by the fitness industry as his franchisees and coaching clients are helping tens of millions of people achieve their fitness goals every day.

Entrepreneur Bedros Keuilian immigrated from a communist country to the United States and stands on the American Dream. Bedros is an investor in more than a dozen market-leading brands and companies and a serial entrepreneur. He founded Fit Body Boot Camp, named one of the 100 fastest-growing franchise brands worldwide by Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc Magazine three times. Bedros is also the author of The Wall Street Journal Best Selling book “Man Up: How to Cut the BS and Dominate in Business and Life”.

Bedros and his family are immigrants who fled communism in search of freedom, opportunity, and a better life in the United States. In addition to having to learn English while trying to complete his schooling, he struggled with being overweight due to his poor eating habits originating from scarcity of resources and stress. Being in poor health caused him to struggle with self-esteem and confidence. A friend on the high-school football team taught him what healthy eating and exercise could do for his internal and external growth. Once Bedros felt confident walking down his high school halls, he knew he wanted to share this with anyone who would listen. Bedros began to rise again after realizing that fitness was the path to greater confidence and self-esteem.

His personal experience served as the raw material for the foundation of the empire he is building today, greatly benefiting millions of people. Bedros, who believes in the human spirit’s ability to overcome any obstacle, uses the stage, television, social media, his own podcast, and blog to share his secrets to success through his experiences as an immigrant and how fitness changed his life. The raw stories of his difficult journey to the American Dream encourage audiences worldwide to break free and realize their full potential. In addition, Bedros understands the importance of spreading the word about this tried-and-true route to physical fitness and a positive outlook.

His seven businesses are truly unique because they focus on the growth of the self, the higher self, fitness, personal development, business development, and coaching. What he loves most about what he does is that he is assisting people in becoming better versions of themselves; this leads to them one day turning into a pebble that causes ripples in the lake to better society and a more wonderful world.

As a serial entrepreneur, he realized that a company’s success results from the product, the people, and the processes. “In your leadership, in other words, your ability to share your vision with your growing team, and then your ability to communicate with that team and get them to buy in on your vision and to work towards it constantly is key,” Bedros said in an interview. He believes that you will succeed in your company if someone “has a great product, a solid process to replicate the customer experience, and great people to help you.”

Ultimately, Bedros is looking for more people like him who want to improve their confidence, self-esteem, and physical appearance but don’t know how to work out or are intimidated by the gym. He has built a brand that is all about serving people with fitness and fat loss goals, eventually leading to a more exciting life with an abundance of self-esteem and confidence.

True to his goal of inspiring more people to be better humans, Bedros encourages everyone wanting to improve their life by listening to his recently launched podcast that discusses his thoughts on wealth and entrepreneurship. Know more by checking it out here.

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This story was originally published January 23, 2023 10:30 AM.

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