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BH Fitness completes several sports sponsorships

From BH Fitness they explain that the brand “is pleased to announce its support for two exciting sporting events that took place during the month of July,” they say from the company.

These events have demonstrated “BH Fitness’s commitment to sport and well-being, promoting physical activity and sportsmanship,” they add.

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The first of these events took place in the city of Vitoria Gasteiz, where BH Fitness organized a special event with Fundación Vital to celebrate the passage of the Tour de France through the region. The Tour, one of the most outstanding events in the world of cycling, attracted thousands of sports enthusiasts and fans to Vitoria Gasteiz.

BH Fitness equipped the central Plaza de la Virgen Blanca with 40 bicycles, which, during 4 shifts, delighted fans of cycling and indoor cycling. The activation consisted of simulating through Kinomap, 15.5km of the second stage of the Tour de France, which linked Vitoria Gasteiz with San Sebastián. 160 participants enjoyed this experience that brought color to the center of the Basque capital on the morning of July 1.

ITF Araba World Tennis Tour

The second event sponsored by BH Fitness is the ITF Araba World Tennis Tour, an ITF 100,000, which is taking place at Peña Vitoriana during the third week of July. This international tennis tournament brings together talented players from all over the world. BH Fitness is proud to be associated with this event and contribute to its success by providing the latest sports equipment for the athletes to warm up.

Nearly 80 players, starting at number 60 in the women’s world ranking, have come to the capital of Álava. It is also added that this tournament is held a week after Wimbledon, which closes the season on grass and will be the first on a hard surface, a first contact with an eye on the US Open.

“We are delighted to collaborate in high-level sporting events. “Our brand has always been committed to sport and wellness, and sponsoring events like these allows us to promote our values. We hope to continue supporting and participating in exciting sporting events in the future,” said Alejandro Echevarria, Marketing Manager of BH Fitness.

BH Fitness is proud of its association with sport and will continue to actively support events and activities that encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. As we continue to move forward, BH Fitness is committed to providing athletes and sports enthusiasts with quality equipment to achieve their goals and lead a healthy life.

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