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body pump: Body Pump: what is it and what benefits does it have?

The body pump was born in 1991, but it is in the last decade that it has become more popular among fitness lovers. The key to this success is due to the fact that it combines two of the most acclaimed disciplines:

aerobic exercises and the

strength work. In this way, people who practice the body pump tone and strengthen the entire body and work their

endurance. In addition, since the classes are organized in groups, it is very enjoyable and it is much more difficult to let yourself be overcome by laziness than if you trained alone.

Body pump sessions are usually

led by an instructor that marks the movements to the rhythm of the music. It is the perfect training for those looking for a

complete, guided and dynamic routine in which, in addition to promoting weight loss, complete body work is carried out. The body pump is designed to be worked on

specialized centers either

gymsnot only because the figure of the instructor is essential, but also because specific equipment such as bars and weights is needed.

The training is based on

repetition and the

intensity. They are sessions of less than an hour with little rest time, which helps the body to activate and the results are quickly noticeable. combine

aerobic and anaerobic exercises, and each one is focused on working a specific part of the body, so the result has a global impact. In each class we work based on a

choreography which is repeated for a year.

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Benefits of the body pump


benefits of the body pump are

multiple and its effect is appreciated in a

very short period of time. Thanks to the fact that you work strength, your body will be strengthened, you will gain muscle mass and it will help you to be much more

toned. But it not only affects your physique, your health will also be increased thanks to this training.

As he works with choreography, over time you will see your

coordination improved and your

bones and reinforced joints. Thanks to this you will look much more agile in your daily activities and reduce the risk of injury. In addition, it provides more

pulmonary and cardiovascular resistance and will prevent diseases derived from problems with these devices.


physical and emotional well-being will be visibly increased, not only because of all the physical advantages that the practice of body pump brings with it, but also because it generates

endorphins and keeps you

active and motivated thanks to the importance that music takes on in this training. The popularity of the body pump is endorsed by all the benefits it provides.

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Who can do body pump

The body pump is

suitable for all kinds of people, but you must know very well the level from which you start. Don’t try to force first:

according to your physical condition You can start with more or less weight and with more or less difficulty in the exercise. The good thing about these classes being guided by a professional is that you can ask about your

interests and needs and join the group that best suits you.

Little by little, as you progress in the training,

It will also increase your resistance and physical capacity. But do not be in a hurry to move forward, it is much better that you take care of your health from the first moment to be able to fully enjoy all its benefits. Even if the level is lower at first, the

consequences in your body they remain the same


In this training it is essential

know the technique and

imitate her correctly. Correctly following the choreography and repeating the steps as indicated in the session are a sure guarantee of success. If you want to enjoy a

active, fun and shared training with a community, the body pump is the sport you are looking for.

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