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Bodybuilder Nick Walker reveals the secret to his dinosaur quadriceps

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  • We all know the importance of training the legs; in fact, no one skips that day of the week anymore. And following the example of an elite bodybuilder, we chose Nick Walker to learn how to train our lower body. And watch out because the bodybuilder has posted a video on YouTube in which he reveals the secrets to building those huge leg muscles, the quadriceps!

    Nick Walker has been a professional bodybuilder since 2020, winning the Arnold Classic in 2021 and finishing third in the last Mister Olympia. And although his weight is too high for this stage of the season, he aims for victory in November in Las Vegas.

    Bodybuilder Nick Walker reveals the secret to his dinosaur quadriceps

    Nick Walker affirms that technique is more important than lifting many kilos, controlling the weight and resting adequately between series and series. For him, it’s not about focusing on training for muscle failure or progressive overload. He says that controlling the weight and contracting the muscles helps you to grow your muscles in the most effective way.

    “My best advice and one that will help you fire up your quads is to control the weight and contract the muscle as hard as you can and with full ranges of motion,” he explains.

    A study shows that doing muscle contractions improves your mind-muscle connection and allows you to recruit your muscles more efficiently. Nick Walker also thinks that people spend too much time overloading the machines, leading to poor technique and form, especially on the press. “Drop the kilos, contract your quadriceps more and leave the ego in the locker room. The important thing is the frequency; I train legs every four or five days instead of every week and they grow much more. You have to focus your training correctly to recover better. I rest well, you can train your legs more often.”

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    Nick Walker’s leg workout

    Lying Leg Curl


    hack squat


    hip adduction

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