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Bodybuilding with 33 categories in seven divisions

The absolute super from last year, Ángel Tejada, between the absolutes Anilsa Paola Reyes and Mayneri Sánchez, at the extreme, Mr. Tony Peña R, president of FDFF. External source

SANTO DOMINGO.- UA total of 33 categories, including two new ones, grouped into 7 male and female divisions, will participate in the XXXIII Mister Dominican Republic bodybuilding and fitness national championship, which will be held on August 5 and 6 in the Dominican capital.

ANDn the same facilities, on Saturday, August 5, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., the official registration of the athletes, male and female, weigh-ins, measurements, medical checks and competition clothing will take place, while the competition will begin on Sunday the 6th of the same month from 10:00 am.

ANDRegarding the divisions and categories, these are: openclassic bodybuilding, female fit model’s, the new ones, male fit model’s and fit pairs (Couples), as well as, game’s classic; muscular men’s physiqueup to 170cm (centimeters in height), up to 175cm and more than 175cm.

Wellnessjunior up to 23 years of age, up to 158cm, up to 162cm, over 162cm and master with 35 years of age and over; bikini´s fitnessjunior up to 23 years of age, up to 160cm, up to 163cm, up to 166cm, over 166cm and master with 35 years of age and over.

classical physiqueup to 172cm and over 172cm, men’s physiquejunior up to 23 years of age, up to 170cm, up to 174cm, up to 178cm, over 178cm and master with 40 years of age and over; bodybuildingweights, light (70kg), welterweight (75kg), medium (80kg), light heavyweight (90kg), heavy (more than 90kg) and master, with 40 years of age and over.

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