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Business fell to Sascha Fitness: Invima alerted for dietary supplements

Sascha Fitness, content creator on nutrition and physical activity. Instagram @saschafitness

He National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) made clear its concept regarding the dietary supplements it promotes Sascha Fitnessrenowned content creator on physical activity, diet and lifestyle.

It has been on the market for some time Colombia These products are promoted by the Venezuelan woman on social networks, whose Instagram account has close to 5.4 million followers and also opened a business account to publicize the benefits and aspects of her supplements.

However the Invima He warned that they cannot be sold in any store because they do not have a sanitary registry, nor are they evaluated in terms of quality, safety and efficacy levels, “representing a risk to the health of consumers”, as reported by the entity.

Invima released the alert about Sascha Fitness dietary supplements

He Invima issued a statement about the product BCAAs – Sascha Fitness Colombiapromoted as a dietary supplement, because “they do not have a sanitary registry issued by the competent authority, so their sale in Colombia is illegal.”

“These products do not have a valid health registration to date, so they have not been evaluated in aspects of quality, safety and efficacy, representing a risk to the health of consumers. Additionally, relevant aspects such as its composition (quali-quantitative formula) and storage, transportation and distribution conditions are unknown,” the entity noted.

Invima warned that Sascha Fitness Supplements are fraudulent

Invima added that it is not the first time that it has issued a warning about these dietary supplements: On several occasions, the institute has alerted about the risks that these types of products represent for health, which allude to unauthorized properties that give rise to false expectations about the true nature, origin, composition or quality of such products”.

The entity delivered a series of recommendations to the public on these health supplements. Sascha Fitness and he emphasized that they could be harmful to people’s health, their marketing is illegal and especially because some sellers do it via the internet to take advantage of the image of the content creator.

“Do not buy medicines or dietary supplements without a current health registration, since these products may contain ingredients that put your health at risk. Keep in mind that many of these fraudulent products are marketed on Internet sites, social networks and WhatsApp chains,” he reported. Invima.

The content creator has promoted these products on her social networks, but Invima warned that they are fraudulent. Instagram @saschafitness

He added that “If you are consuming the products, immediately stop using them.inform Invima or health authorities where said product is marketed and if you have registered any adverse effect associated with its consumption, report it immediately.

“Immediately report to Invima or territorial health entities, if for any reason you are aware of the places where this product is distributed or marketed,” said the institute. in his statement.

Invima also sent this warning to all health secretariats in the municipalities, mayors and governments of the country to prevent citizens from consuming supplements of Sascha Fitnessin addition to informing about who has bought said products.

Invima recommendations for the alert on Sascha Fitness supplements

“Carry out inspection, surveillance and control activities in establishments under your jurisdiction where this product can potentially be marketed,” said the entity, adding that all pertinent measures must be taken and “manage its destruction.”

The message was also for the Health Provider Institutions (IPS) and demanded that “the suspension of its consumption must be indicated and information about the possible risks that may arise for health”, added to the fact that users must inform about the place where they acquired the dietary supplement.

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