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Camila Cabello has uploaded the great photo of the summer showing off her abs more defined than ever

If there is something that we like more than summer, that is the bikini poses of our celebrities favorites. Instagram is flooded with snapshots of paradisiacal beaches, with crystal clear waters while our favorite artists give it their all in front of the camera. The avalanche of comments loaded with compliments from her fans is inevitable, the networks burn in a matter of minutes, if not tell Camila Cabello, who has managed to unleash a collective euphoria after posting an image enjoying a bath from the waters of Florida .

Camila Cabello hits networks with her well-marked ‘six pack’

Camila Cabello is one of those celebrities which we never lose track of. His latest publication on Instagram has left his fans speechless in a matter of seconds, and it is that Her posed in a bikini showing off a rock hard ripped abs She has done nothing but make it clear to us that the artist’s sports routines focused on strengthening the core have paid off.

We know that the running it’s a must in the routine fitness by Camila Cabello. Cardio has always been one of the singer’s favorite exercises, ideal for maintaining that much-needed resistance when starting the choreographies and dances of her shows. Add to this a few routines focused on defining the abdomenone of the parts of the body that works the most in order to achieve that six pack so marked.

PROIRON Elastic resistance band

PROIRON Elastic resistance band

If you want to include a few exercises to define the abdomen in your workouts, you cannot miss these from Tracy Anderson’s method to crush abs and strengthen the core at the hands of our trainer María Alonso. An ideal combo that you can start from the comfort of your home, perfect for those summer days when we can’t go to the gym.

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