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Carlos Soto agrees to organize national Mr. Fitness competition

ZAMORA, Mich., February 14, 2023.- President Carlos Soto Delgado received the head of the Mexican Federation of Physical Constructivism and Fitness, Francisco Cabezas Gutiérrez, with whom he agreed to hold a national-level competition for “Mr. Zamora Fitness” since the infrastructure is available for an event of such a level and, above all, there is a great interest in this sport.

“We have worked hard to change the image of Zamora; now, there is a better perception and a national level physical constructivism and fitness competition will be a good projection ”, she pointed out.

In a statement it was reported that, for his part, Francisco Cabezas Gutiérrez, who was accompanied by Alma Angélica de la Madrid Olvera, belonging to the Selection Committee for the Olympic Games of the Mexican Federation of Physicoconstructivism, offered all his support by making available speakers sports, sports specialists and make calls for high-level competitions to be held in the municipality.

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