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Celebrity fitness: Elsa Pataky’s 10-minute workout to tone arms and abdomen

Elsa Pataky She is in love with sports and we know that just by seeing her body sculpted from

exercise. In addition to surfing whenever she can and even riding a horse, the actress undergoes intense

strength training to get all your muscle groups ready.

We can see some of these workouts through Centr, the healthy living application that she created with her husband.

Chris Hemsworth. On her social networks we have been able to see how the actress prepared for her role in the movie Interceptor, with intense training to strengthen her arms and other recommendations from the actress herself, such as practicing HIIT to

lose weight and tone whole body.

and also in

Center It is where we have seen the last training of the 46-year-old actress, an intense routine of only

10 minutes to strengthen the entire upper body (arms and abdominals included) for which you only need a TRX, some weights and your own body weight.

Elsa Pataky’s training to strengthen arms and abdomen

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According to Centr, the training of

Elsa Pataky it’s a quick way to “sculpt your upper body.” And so much so that it is fast since it only consists of

four very easy exercises to execute that he performs in 40-second intervals and that are repeated for 4 rounds with 20-second breaks between them.

We are going to explain to you step by step what each of the

exercises in case you want to replicate them at home. You don’t have to go to a gym to do it, since you can get some

dumbbells and even with a

TRX in any sports store. It may be more difficult to find an anchor for this last element, but if you can, you’ve got it done.

Push-ups with three points of support in TRX and knee crunch

How it’s done: Lie face down on the floor with your back to the TRX and place the ball of one of your feet on the lower grip of the TRX. Support your body weight on the palms of your hands with your arms straight and the other leg straight and unsupported. Next, flex your arms, bringing your elbows back until your nose touches the floor, raising your straight leg toward the ceiling as much as you can. As you straighten your arms again, bring the knee of that leg in toward your chest and repeat.

This is a very demanding exercise that works above all the

arms and the muscles of the

chestbut which also implies the

abdomen and even the musculature of the

legs, although more secondarily. You will need to do this exercise for 20 seconds on each leg before moving on to the next.

rowing with TRX

How it’s done: hold the middle grips of the TRX with both hands and lean your body as far as you can until you are suspended on the TRX with your feet anchored to the ground and holding on with both hands. Next, she raises her chest forward, bending her elbows and bringing them to both sides of her body, and returns to the original position, controlling the movement at all times, without letting yourself fall.

Elsa Pataky, with a black dress with transparencies, during the premiere of the movie 12 brave. /Gtresonline.

It is an exercise that works only with the

body weight, but it is not less demanding for that. Thanks to it, you will work all the muscles of the

lower bodyespecially the back, one of the most important areas for the actress to achieve the mythical pose that has made her famous on the red carpet.

Overhead Shoulder Press Single Leg Deadlift

How it’s done: Stand up with a dumbbell in each hand and your legs straight but unlocked (ie, with your knees slightly bent). Next, bring both arms straight down to the ground in front of the balls of your feet, lowering your torso straight down as you bring one of your legs straight behind you. Then raise the trunk, bringing the leg forward again but without actually resting it on the ground, bend the elbows to bring the hands towards the shoulders and stretch the arms above the head.

To do it correctly, adapt the weight of the

dumbbells to your physical state. If you choose one with little weight, you will not work all your muscles well, but if, on the contrary, you do it with too much weight, you will become unbalanced and you will not be able to perform the exercises.

20 seconds patterned with each leg. It is important that you do not lose the activation of the

core at any time to avoid injuries and maintain balance.

Good morning with dumbbells

How it’s done: Stand upright, with your legs straight and hip-width apart, holding a dumbbell in both hands with your arms stretched out in front of your body. Next, flex your trunk and lower yourself towards the ground, keeping your torso straight at all times and your arms fully extended until the dumbbell touches the ground and rises again.

This exercise is perfect for working the upper part.

lumbar and the

corebut which also benefits

glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. Of course, to do it correctly you must keep your back neutral and the scapulae retracted at all times and, when leaning forward, you have to bring your hips back.

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