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Chino Darín boasts of obliques and brutal muscles on the beach

Chino Darín begins the summer and his vacations with his girlfriend Úrsula Corberó in top shape and showing off his muscles in the sun. In a photo published by the actress on her Instagram account, the Argentine actor appears in a skimpy green swimsuit, showing off his obliques and biceps on the seashore. He is not a mountain of muscles like The Rock, of course, but Darín has a more than remarkable fitness body.

The setting, the Balearic island of Menorca. “I have returned to my favorite island with my favorite person 🦞 Feliç revetlla de Sant Joannnnnn”, Úrsula writes in the photos that accompany the text.

And, to put a but to Chino Darín’s summer pose, the legs, as it happens to all of us, that it is difficult for us to gain a lot of muscle in the lower body. So we give the actor homework for next summer: break out his legs in the gym and make them look bigger.

Exercises for perfect obliques like Chino Darín’s

To train your obliques, in addition to the classic isometric plank, you can do side plank with ups and downs, medicine ball Russian twists, and barbell leg raises with changes of direction on each rep.

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