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CrossFit blows up Valladolid with the Castilla Throwdown

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  • The first edition of the CrossFit Castilla Throwdown championship will be held in Valladolid on July 1 and 2 in the sports facilities of the City of Zaratán. A championship with a characteristic to highlight and it is the large number of participants, about 270 athletes who will arrive in Valladolid from many parts of Spain, not only Castilla y León…; they will also arrive from Asturias, Galicia, Madrid and even Andalusia.

    It has a team of judges from The Crew Judges who will assess the athletes’ exercises, a DJ who will raise the revolutions with his music, a speaker Aleks_onfire who, with his energy, will animate the event and a photographer who will even take aerial shots with a drone. The photographer will be Manuel Granados.

    Teams from all over Spain in the Castilla Throwdown

    The final and the delivery of trophies will be on Sunday 2, and will be carried out by the Zaratán City Council, which has ceded its sports facilities.

    There will be 7 categories: RX male couples, Intermediate male couples, Intermediate mixed couples, Escalated mixed couples, Escalated female couples, RX Master 40 male couples and RX Master 40 mixed couples.

    There are 10 RX Men’s teams and those that come from further afield are Ocean Box from Cádiz, Crossfit Bergondo from Coruña, Yuhuuu Team from Vizcaya and Los Firulais and AirBox Team from Santander.


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