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Discover the Weighted Jumping Jacks that regulate metabolism

The Jumping Jacks They are great for legs, cardio and losing weight. But it can also happen that after doing them so much they seem too easy. In that case, adding weights to your jumps could give your training goals a new boost and add some challenges that will boost your metabolism, burn more fat and give you stronger legs.

Moving more weight than normal requires more energy and therefore more

more calories. Add weight to your

Jumping Jacks could enhance the weight loss effects of jumping jacks. Another consequence of having to move more weight is that your cardiovascular system will have to work harder. This can be good for your health, as long as you don’t overdo it.

That additional load in the exercise can also

further increase muscle endurance. While Jumping Jacks may not be challenging enough to build muscle, the use of weights can improve muscular endurance progress. And like many other parts of the body, your bones can be made stronger by putting a safe amount of extra pressure on them.

Adding weight to your jumping jacks will speed up your workout progress. Because you should know that good workouts are not just about duration. By using weights, you can achieve what can be called a “good workout” faster. And more: improve your sleep, mood and stress response. All good news!

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Jumping Jacks with ankle weights

Ankle weights are a relatively unique piece of fitness equipment in that they allow you to add resistance to your legs without having to hold anything. Just put on the ankle weights and you’re ready to go. This type of equipment is often useful for leg and abdominal isolation exercises, but is also a good choice for weighted Jumping Jacks.

The first effect of using ankle weights in this move is that your hip abductors (outer thighs) and hip abductors (inner thighs) will have to work harder. This can potentially lead to a

better muscle resistancer in these areas, especially when doing a fair amount of jumping jacks.

Dumbbell Jumping Jacks

You can hold a dumbbell in each hand while doing dips. partly for

engage the deltoids more (shoulders) and

latissimus dorsi (mid/upper back) and also to make your heart beat faster. Something to keep in mind is that it is better to use relatively light dumbbells. Too much weight can be uncomfortable on the shoulders, interfere with the movement of the jump, and cause injury.

Jumping Jacks with vest

As the name implies, weighted vests are simply

extra weight vests attached to them. Like ankle weights, weighted vests have the advantage of being a “hands-off” for exercise, which is great. This means that you can do the arm and leg movements of the jumps as usual.

At the same time, this fitness equipment puts the quadriceps (front thighs), calves and cardiovascular system to work harder. Also, weighted vests are extremely versatile, often have adjustable weights, and are reasonably priced compared to their training potential.

Wrist Weighted Jumping Jacks


wrist weights They’re basically the same as ankle weights, except they tend to be a bit smaller in circumference range. That being said, you can often use your ankle weights as wrist weights as well. These tend to be a bit better for jumping jacks than dumbbells. This is mainly because you can’t drop the wrist weights while they’re attached to your arms.

Also, the wrist weights are sometimes adjustable, which can be helpful if you’re still improving your fitness level. Like ankle weights, wrist weights are relatively inexpensive, versatile, and compact. Of course, do not use them if you have an injury in the area.

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