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Sport is very present in the life of Georgina Rodriguez (29 years old), and not only for being the football star’s partner Cristiano Ronaldo (38). As he shows in his social networks, the gym and strength exercises are also part of his day to day, even when he is on vacation.

Now that she is enjoying a family getaway in Sardinia, the model continues with her physical activity, following the instructions of Soraya Alvarez, your personal trainer. It was she, precisely, who has revealed part of Georgina’s routine through a story from Instagram, replicated by Cristiano’s girlfriend.

This past Sunday, June 25, the coach de Georgina shared an image in which the model was seen doing a squat while her, attentive to each movement, directed her virtually. “We keep working, even in the distance“Wrote the athlete and head of training.

[‘Twerking’ y bachata, las nuevas pasiones de Georgina: dónde da clases y quiénes son sus profesores]

Georgina Rodríguez fulfilling her training, at a distance.


Soraya Álvarez, the woman Georgina trusts to stay strong and healthy, has more than 106,000 followers and Instagram, where she describes herself as a physical trainer. In a short biography, she reveals that her social networks are focused on advice on-line and that her work, as an expert in fitnessis to help achieve the objectives of its clients.

Based on her own experience, as she explains on her website, Soraya aims to create beneficial habits, while educates and accompanies those who “feel disoriented”, so that they learn to listen to their body, “understanding and accepting it”. After a thorough study, the coach and his team create custom plans and adapted to the wishes, conditions and needs of each person.

Soraya found her calling in 2012, when she entered the world of fitness and the competition. Since then, a personal process began that, without imagining it, would also become his work. 11 years after that, Georgina Rodríguez appears in her client portfolio, whom he would have conquered not only for her impeccable work, but also for her flexibility.

The plans offered by the coach can be fulfilled remotely, so they are perfectly adapted to the lifestyle of Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, who maintains a hectic pace, with constant trips and moves. Both for her work and for the profession of her partner.

However, when they happen to be in the same city, Georgina Rodríguez also trains with Soraya in person. On May 21, the expert in fitness also revealed part of the model’s routine, prior to a shooting. “She doesn’t even rest on Sundays,” Soraya Álvarez wrote then, revealing through a video some of the exercises that she did from Jaca.

Georgina, who was very concentrated with each movement, responded to that video with a message confirming that Soraya has become one of her great allies in this process of physical transformation. “Each training performed brings you closer to your goal“The model then expressed.

Regardless of the plan you have chosen, all Soraya programs are adapted to the tastes and schedules of each client, both in terms of sports and nutrition. The coachIn addition, it offers the option to clarify doubts through WhatsApp, maintaining a more direct and fluid communication. The price varies according to the servicebut it ranges between 70 and 130 euros per month, approximately.

In addition to strength training, Georgina Rodríguez completes her physical activity with boxing and dancing. She has been a fan of ballet since she was very young, she recently began to try her luck with two other disciplines -twerking and bachata-, as she herself revealed on the networks.

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