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Does CrossFit help you lose weight? we tell you

You can get more exercise in many different ways and the

CrossFit It is one of the most demanding workouts out there. It is good for losing weight and getting a flat stomach in the sense that it helps in this process and the more intense movements and additional muscle mass it builds make your body use more energy. However, there are “buts”…

CrossFit is

relatively good for weight loss, there is no denying it. One of the additional benefits of CrossFit is that many people find the variety of exercises enjoyable. Also, its practice can be relatively hard on your body. What happens is that if you decide to enter the demanding world of CrossFit, losing weight is usually not the first goal.

CrossFit and flat stomach

To lose weight, you need to be in a situation where your body requires more energy to function than it comes from food. At this point, you begin to use the

energy reserves, such as body fat, to meet the remaining needs. Practicing CrossFit certainly helps in this process because the movements involved are almost certainly going to be more intense than your usual activities.

It is impossible to calculate how many calories you are going to burn doing CrossFit to have a flat stomach, because the

choice of workouts will greatly influence your calorie burning results. Second, while there are more effective options, CrossFit can help you burn a good amount of calories and get the flat stomach you want if that’s your goal.

CrossFit, abdominal fat and muscle

There is a common myth that you have to do certain exercises or eat certain foods to lose fat in certain areas like the stomach. Unfortunately, CrossFit or other workouts generally

they won’t let you focus on fat loss in areas like your tummy. To do this, you have to lose enough weight overall.

The fact that CrossFit can help you build muscle is an important detail when it comes to losing weight. One of the main reasons for this is that your weight plays an important role in the

amount of calories you burn. This not only applies to CrossFit workouts, but also to your daily life.

Large muscle compound lifts are relatively common during CrossFit practice. With good resistance, repetition, and established ranges, these can help you develop a

good amount of muscle mass and to the ultimate goal of having a flat stomach.

How many calories do you burn with CrossFit?

Suppose you are a 70 kg woman who has a routine that keeps you at the same weight and the only change is to do CrossFit. If you implement a core workout of 15 minutes of vigorous lifting and 15 minutes of running three times a week, you could burn

about 800 extra calories. After doing these CrossFit workouts for a month, you would have burned over 3,000 calories. Theoretically you could see results very soon.

How often should you do CrossFit to lose weight?

By now it should be clear that how often you should do CrossFit to lose weight

not an easy question to answer. On the other hand, it’s possible to do five CrossFit workouts a week or more without seeing any weight loss results. And another factor to keep in mind is that doing CrossFit too often can be too challenging for your body. In turn, this can lead to injury.

So how often you should do CrossFit to lose weight depends on

your other lifestyle habits, goals and sensitivity to injury. If in doubt, you can start with something like one CrossFit workout a week, see how your body reacts (in terms of injury and weight loss), and adjust this number if possible or necessary.

Woman with flat stomach/PEXELS

While there are some more optimal options as well, CrossFit is relatively good at burning a lot of calories and

build a good amount of muscle mass that gives rise to the desired flat stomach. Also, many people like the variety of exercises in CrossFit and the group aspect of CrossFit gyms.

The upshot of this is that CrossFit can be a good exercise option for weight loss. But one thing you should keep in mind is that the workouts can be

relatively hard on your body. If you are new to exercise, you may want to start with other strengthening activities first.

On top of that, you should again keep in mind that your habits in other areas, such as your diet, will greatly influence your CrossFit weight loss results. Undoubtedly, it is a discipline conducive to promoting weight loss and having a flat stomach, but

not the primary goal. In fact, it implies making a very big effort and not all of them are willing to do so. You have activities that will make you lose more weight with less effort.

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