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Durango proposes expanding attention in the fitness room and guided activities

The Durango City Council has moved to stop the strike of the Landako sports center workers, which started more than five months ago. To this end, they have prepared a proposal that “broadens” and “reinforces” the sports offer that is currently offered in municipal facilities. Proposal that was announced last Monday “both to subcontracted companies and workers”, and as reported this Friday by the mayor, Mireia Elkoroiribe, and the deputy mayor, Jesica Ruiz, “the reception has been good, although We are waiting for a definitive answer to put an end to this hiatus.”

As they have announced, their proposal proposes to extend the hours of direct attention in the fitness room, “so that it is attended at all times.” In addition, they suggest reinforcing the service in the hours of greatest influx (from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.), so that a wide coverage of monitors is offered in the room.

On the other hand, the Government team is committed to increasing the offer of directed sports activities by 20%, “offering new schedules and activities to try to adapt the offer to the demand of the citizens.”

As for the climbing wall, they propose to increase four hours a week (two more hours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings) of direct attention from a monitor to the users of the facility. Finally, they advocate increasing the Physical Activity Guidance Service (SOAF) by 20%, an activity that consists, above all, of guiding people in the practice of sport in order for them to acquire healthy routines and habits.

«We believe that we are facing a good proposal that can satisfy the needs of the workers. On behalf of the government team, we hope that the expansion of the service will serve to put an end to the current strike situation and to recover the quality of the Durango Kirolak service and the trust of users as soon as possible”, have expressed both Elkoroiribe and Ruiz.

“Very good reception”

They have also explained that the proposal was announced last Monday, the 17th, at an extraordinary meeting in Durango Kirolak and before the subcontracted companies and workers’ representatives. “In principle, it was very well received by everyone, although it is true that we are still waiting for a definitive answer,” they have detailed. Considering that with the new approach the service would increase “considerably”, the government team trusts that the proposal will serve to stop the strike. “We are hopeful,” they have confessed.

Both the jeltzale and the socialist, for their part, have promised to prepare “from now on” new specifications that contemplate all these improvements and that respond to the “real” needs of the users, “of course, in dialogue with all parties”.

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