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Edurne and her incredible flat stomach mark a real Halle Bailey in a bikini

Edurne does not disappoint. We would not be able to dictate very well what route to follow to achieve it, but no challengeeither in the musical field and, yes, in fitness (remember how she dazzled those present with her great body at the Premiso Dial), with which he cannot overcome himself. Thus, it is not surprising that, since she participated in its edition of Operación Triunfo, back in 2005, the singer has not ceased to make us move our hips with each of her singles. Even when these are not intoned by her. And it is that, in one of her last publications in her networks, Edurne has put aside the strawberries and the champagne that she sang in her last song and has shown us her ability to be the next Little Mermaid . And that, as you can already assume, is not all.

Edurne marks a real Little Mermaid in her latest publication

At 37 years old, we have witnessed how the silhouette of the singer has been changing achieving a physical transformation of another level where we have not ceased to take note of the step by step that she has taken to show off a belly as firm and toned as the one that, in fact, she has shown a few hours ago in said publication.

In the pool, taking advantage of the sunbeams before the anticipated summer storms, Edurne has marked a real Halle Bailey. And no, we are not referring to the fact that she has boasted of her impressive arms and buttocks as the artist did during the premiere of the film (or, at least, exclusively). Because yes, with a most flattering bikini, Edurne recreated one of the most mythical scenes in fiction… with the spontaneous appearance of David de Gea! Look, look:

Her recreation is impressive and yes, even more spectacular is her waist, which inevitably reminds us of the incredible wasp waist that Penélope Cruz wore on her return to Madrid. Now, it’s not the first time the singer made us participate in her incredible toninga result that he has been obtaining from his peculiar cardio routines where dances, of course, are not ruled out.

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Now if you’re looking to tone and reduce the abdomen and waist (psst: some of the reducing lotions that we have been highlighting will help you achieve your goal; they are amazing), you will surely be happy to know that there are two exercises that will help you achieve your goal. These are:

1. Transfers of weight around the body. With this, you will not only be able to activate the belly, but you will also stimulate the waist. To do this, standing up and with your legs slightly apart, you will pass a dumbbell or weight around your arms without losing your position. With the movement, you will strengthen the waist and abdomen.

Generic Kettlebell made of neoprene and waterproof

Neoprene and waterproof kettlebell

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2. climber. The other prominent movement begins by adopting a plank position and moving the legs in the gesture of running or climbing stairs as quickly as possible.

The key detail for a faithful result to Edurne

Beyond recreating the movements that will help you, if you wish, to show off a waist definition as impressive as Edurne’sanother of the nuances that have not gone unnoticed in his imitation has been: her flattering brown bikini!

And although we have already highlighted some of the bikinis and swimsuits for girls with large breasts that were succeeding this season, the option that the singer has opted for, we love it!

CUPSHE High-waisted bikini set – Edurne’s style key

High-waisted bikini set- Edurne's stylistic key

CUPSHE High-waisted bikini set – Edurne’s style key

In this sense, we have selected a bikini that, without being exactly the same, manages to recreate and enhance the toned body effect, thanks to its flattering high-rise pattern. Hence, have more than 5,000 reviews (it is available in more shades) and has become one of the most desired products on the platform.

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He does not miss the latest training sessions of celebrities such as Rosalía, Georgina Rodríguez or Penélope Cruz. Well, before defined arms, firm legs or a toned abdomen, there she is to find out about the exercises that put celebrities in shape.

Marina Vázquez is one of those who does not resist trying a new cosmetic, who snacks seasons in an afternoon and who is always in a hurry to add another series to the routine, but they arrive on time.

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