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Eight new family support workers will provide help and advice to North Lanarkshire mums

North Lanarkshire now has eight new family support workers dedicated to providing an extra layer of help and advice to new mums.

Working as part of Health Visiting Teams, family support workers engage with new parents and provide guidance to support infant feeding and care of their baby.

They work to Baby Friendly Standards with the aim of building and strengthening the confidence of new parents getting to know and, bond with, their baby.

Run by Health & Social Care North Lanarkshire, the dedicated team will make contact with all new mums in the area – apart from those already linked in with the Family Nurse Partnership or First Steps workers.

Carrie McCulloch, associate nurse director, children’s services, Health & Social Care North Lanarkshire, welcomed the new staff, saying: “It’s great to have our new family support workers join the service.

“We’re dedicated to giving children in North Lanarkshire the best possible start in life and I know our eight new team members will make a positive impact on the lives of new families.

“They will play a valuable role in supporting mums and their babies across North Lanarkshire’s communities.

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