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Elsa Pataky has the fitness routine for an abdomen of steel

Elsa Pataky, the actress of films like Interceptor or Poker Face, is one of the most passionate celebrities about sports. together with her husband Chris Hemsworthhave given a lecture on the exercises that cannot be missing in a good workout routine. full bodyDo you want to know what they are?

Right now we reveal the how to of the exercises for a steel abdomencourtesy of our fitness insposo that you practice them with the maximum discipline.

How to tone the abdomen in the Elsa Pataky style?

According to the Center founded by the interpreter of Thor, the workout of the actress consists of a series of exercises based on TRX (Total Resistance Exercises) that she performs at intervals of 40 seconds and that is repeated during 4 rounds with breaks from 20 seconds among them, with which it guarantees an abdomen of steel, while strengthening arms. We break them down below!

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Push-ups with three points of support in TRX and knee crunch

  1. To perform this exercise, you must lie on the floor face down with your back to the TRX and place the instep of one of your feet in the lower grip of the TRX.
  2. Hold your body weight on the palms of your hands with your arms straight and the other leg extended, but not supported.
  3. The next step will be to bend your arms, bringing your elbows back until your nose touches the ground; Raise your straight leg up toward the ceiling as high as you can. As you straighten your arms again, bring the knee of that leg in toward your chest and repeat for 20 seconds with each leg.

rowing with TRX

  1. Hold the middle grips of the TRX with both hands and lean your body as far as you can until your feet are anchored to the ground.
  2. raise the chest forward bending the elbows, bringing them to both sides of the body, and return to the original position controlling the movement at all times without letting yourself fall.
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Rows with TRX are essential for the Pataky workout.

single leg deadlift with shoulder press

  1. Stand with a dumbbell in each hand and your legs straight (ie, with your knees slightly bent).
  2. Then bring both arms straight down to the ground in front of the balls of your feet, lowering your torso straight down as you bring one of your legs straight behind you.
  3. Raise the trunk, bringing the leg forward again but without actually resting it on the ground, bend the elbows to bring the hands towards the shoulders and stretch the arms above the head.

TIP G: To do it correctly, adapt the weight of the dumbbells to that of your body. Take into account that if you choose one with little weight, you will not work all your muscles well, but if, on the contrary, you do it with too much load, you will become unbalanced and you will not be able to complete the 20 seconds.

Are you ready for an abs of steel like Elsa Pataky?

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