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Endrick, new signing of Real Madrid, goes to boxing

        Endrick, 16-year-old Brazilian striker, now at Palmeiras, but already signing for Real Madrid –he will arrive at the white club in July 2024– he gets in shape like other teammates by putting on boxing gloves. They say that he also strengthens his mental resistance. With this image in the ring, Endrick is already one of “the Palmeiras fighting club”, along with Gustavo Gómez, Murilo, Gabriel Menino, Luan, Mayke or Piquerez. And it is that Palmeiras has conditioned the club’s facilities so that its players can box like true professionals.

        Endrick’s lower body

        The truth is that, for only 16 years old, Endrick is very developed on a muscular level and has a very powerful upper body and, above all, lower body, similar to Kun Agüero or his compatriot Romario.

        For an elite footballer like him, it is so important to have a powerful lower body such as a core and iron abs, basic for starts, sprints and head jumps. Power, strength, balance and coordination, things that practicing boxing strengthens. Even his future partner Karim Benzema posed for us on a cover in a boxing ring, gloves on. (The 25 Best Abs Exercises For Your Core).

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