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Entertaining exercise to lose weight at 60 WITHOUT jumping and WITHOUT loading

Reduce sizes after 60 It is very easy and you will be surprised for not having discovered it sooner. The best thing is that you don’t need to jump, much less load. It is a simple exercise that you can do at home and you just need to invest 5 minutes a day. We suggest you wear comfortable clothes and do it in the morning so that you have energy during your day.

Lose weight at 60 with this simple exercise WITHOUT jumping or carrying

This is the perfect exercise to achieve an impact body without having to make a lot of effort. We will tell you step by step to do it at home. we love this routine because you don’t expose your knees to impact jumps. Ready for a fabulous figure?

Step 1

  • stand up right
  • put the arms to the sides
  • Take a step to forehead only with the right leg
Exercise to lose weight | TikTok / @fabulous.50s

Step 2

  • Slightly fold the abdomen
  • Focus your strength on belly and the arms
Reduce sizes after 60 | TikTok / @fabulous.50s

Step 3

  • fold the arms towards the front
  • move them towards forward and back with elbows bent
  • keep the motion for 5 minutes
  • No takeoffs feet off the ground, well you shouldn’t run
Lose weight without jumping | TikTok / @fabulous.50s

It is important that the exercise be pretending that you run, without doing it. In this way you will focus the strength in the arms and abdomen. The more days you do the exercise, better results you will have. If you haven’t done it for a long time physical activity You can try the movement little by little and increase strength and time.

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