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Ester Expósito triumphs in networks showing her super sculpted abdomen

Ester Expósito is a faithful lover of fitness. He has not only left the record by publishing the occasional exercise from his routine on several occasions, but the results themselves speak for themselves. Just look at his heart attack abs, a six pack Super defined, which proves that he has launched a series of training sessions focused on strengthening the core area for mmaintain a flat and firm stomachall this from the hand of his personal trainer.

Ester Expósito leaves us in shock with her hyper marked abs

Ester Expósito has shared a story with her Instagram followers in which she boasts of a super sculpted abdomen. The actress carries out routines fullbody so as not to leave a muscle without exercising, in addition to other specific ones for certain areas such as the abs and buttocks. And we already know that there is no exercise that can resist it.


If you’re looking for the perfect abs-crunching routine, you can’t miss this one for strengthen all abdominal muscles with super effective exercises that you can also carry out from the comfort of your home. Ideal to give it all without excuses those days that it is uphill for us to go to the gym. For this we must take into account that accessories such as elastic bands can become a great ally during the sessions and it is always a must keep a pair at home for any impromptu routine.

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PROIRON Elastic Resistance Band

Elastic Resistance Band

PROIRON Elastic Resistance Band

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Another alternative to this training comes from the hand of our trainer of the month, María Alonso, following Tracy Anderson’s method to define abs and strengthen the core. An ideal routine to mark that six pack in search of a belly in the purest Ester Expósito style.

preview for Tracy Anderson's method exercises to define abs and strengthen the core with María Alonso

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