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Eva Longoria and the effect of sports on her body in 10 years

    This March 15, Eva Longoria adds a new candle to her birthday cake. There are already 48. Although, to be honest, the vast majority of us began to blow them with it from 2004; the year in which she achieved international fame by becoming one of the four protagonists of the series ‘Desperate Housewives’.

    Although it is true that the artist had already briefly shown her acting skills in other acclaimed series such as Beverly Hills or 90210, it was not until she adopted the role of Gabrielle Solis when she putofficially, face to the name of Eva Longoria.

    She was even nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance. Yes, the same ones that have recently starred in Jenna Ortega’s abs and the impressive and (almost) innumerable toned arms of the different actresses.

    Eva Longoria: this is how her silhouette has changed in recent years

    Despite the fact that more than eleven years have passed since the series officially broadcast its last chapter, the name of Eva Longoria has remained high. And, even, she has managed to gain a foothold in the fitness field.

    Fact, which does not surprise us at all, if we remember his early mornings at five in the morning to move the bodysuit or his already mythical routines on the trampoline in his living room. Exercises that, together with the infallible movement to achieve the obliques that were the stars of Fashion Week in Paris, as well as his impressive quadriceps that did not stop monopolizing the flashes, have favored his more than commented and incredible physical transformation, but when did all this begin? ?

    We make a small recap of how, over the years, the physique of the actress has been getting look much more toned and the keys what has followed for this brilliant result.

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The beginnings of Eva Longoria

More than a decade ago, specifically in 2011, Eva Longoria put an end to ‘Desperate Housewives’. For the occasion, she resorted to her unmistakable wardrobe staple: a tight-fitting dress with volume playing with the concept of shoulder pads, which enhanced her slender figure.


Eva Longoria and her idyll with tight dresses

Likewise, as we already anticipated, tight dresses were not lacking in their following appearances or red carpets. In fact, in 2013, he posed with this black model in front of the cameras. A pose where, our fit view, can’t help but be amazed by the lack of definition of those biceps that, currently, looked super-toned in Cannes a few months ago.


Begin your relationship with good habits

So when did you start to add your passion for sport to your day to day? We have to go back to 2018 when she shared the news that she was pregnant. That’s when we started seeing her share some of her routines on her social media.


The hiking? Your great ally

In fact, being in a state, is when we begin to see her wear her first sport outfits. What’s more, in January 2018, we saw her do this “light” walk, ideal for moving your legs and cardio a little.


exercise routines begin

Some routines that, after giving birth, became more common among her publications. In fact, in January 2019 (six months after the birth of his firstborn), Longoria shared this most intense routine where his incredible biceps were already beginning to define themselves as they do today.


Eva Longoria boosts her biceps

Thus, with his emblematic motivating message every Monday, Longoria’s exercise routines began to fill, in a certain way, his Instagram. Some routines that she started with the aim of staying more active and recovering her silhouette and that, little by little, began to form part of her habits, which continue today.

What’s more, curiously, his predilection for a black sport outfit… he also maintains it.


One of her first poses in a bikini after maternity

In April 2019, when not even a year had passed since the birth, we saw her share this bikini pose where, little by little, her figure began to acquire the tone that shines today.


Strength exercises? a resounding yes

And it is just that apparent and recently discovered passion together with the idea of ​​motivating other people that caused the exercise routines to increase in intensity.


pants don’t lie

In this way, a year and a half after giving birth, Longoria shared this pose, showing off how her maternity pants fit. Impressive, right? Also, her arms look much more toned than in the first shared snapshots.


Eva Longoria’s obliques begin to appear

Despite recovering and even improving her physical condition, Eva Longoria has continued to perform all her routines looking much more agile and strong.

In fact, in 2021 he shared a pose of his in a bikini again. One, where little by little, you begin to perceive the already mentioned obliques of him.


Along with a good diet, a resounding 10

However, beyond sports, good nutrition has also been present in their routines. As we will never tire of saying, if a balanced diet is not followed it is impossible to achieve that definition. And, of course, on their menu the most beloved, by many, avocado could not be missing. It is seen that, like us, he knows the trick to prevent it from going bad once opened.


change in recent years

Some training sessions that, in short, have not been lacking in his day-to-day life and that have favored this more than impressive guy to look today. (Psst: do you see how the total look black is a perfect option? Even in heels)

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