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Everything Kevin Costner Does To Stay In Amazing Shape

With rumors swirling about scheduling conflicts, Yellowstone fans are worried that Kevin Costner’s role as patriarch John Dutton might be ending. And, in turn, that Yellowstone itself might be facing its final days. (Luckily, the Yellowstone universe seems to be ever-expanding.)

According to Deadline, Costner requested to shoot for only 50 days during the first half of the latest season, and that dwindled down to a week for the second half. With a new passion project under Costner’s belt—directing and starring in the western Horizon—and talks of Matthew McConaughey being attached to a new Yellowstone project, it’s true that we might officially be witnessing the demise of John Dutton.

Though it’s sad news for Yellowstone fans, fans of Costner himself need not fret. The man is a master of longevity—both in his career and in his balanced lifestyle.


Those who have been following Costner since his roles in The Untouchables, Field of Dreams, and Dances with Wolves know that the 68-year-old actor has managed to age with grace. And, according to the hints he’s revealed about his modest approach to wellness, he’s also done so without any painstaking effort.

Unlike the routine we’d expect from many Hollywood A-listers, Costner doesn’t swear by any green juice diet or extreme workout regime. In fact, Costner told Entertainment Weekly that on the set of The Highwaymen he repeatedly shooed away Woody Harrelson’s offers to swig his “big bottle of something green to drink.”

“He’s pretty big on health,” Costner said. “I would shake my head like a kid who didn’t want to eat any more vegetables.”

Here’s a rundown of what we know about Costner’s laid back approach to healthy living.

He Doesn’t Worry About Aging

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to pull off “aging gracefully” is leaning in. Gravity has its way with all of us, after all. As for Costner, he offered some sage advice in his 68th birthday Instagram post this year: “Don’t believe what they say about getting older.”

Smiling in his best John Dutton garb, his caption went on to say, “Each passing year is a gift, and it gets better and better with time. Thank you for the birthday wishes.”

He Swears By the “Daddy Workout”

Costner has become synonymous with the American sports movie, with credits in baseball hits like Field of Dreams and For the Love of the Game, golf rom-com Tin Cup, football flick Draft Day, and more. How does the actor continue to look the part for such athletic roles?

Well, at least since fatherhood, Costner swears by the “Daddy Workout.” Costner told the Chicago Sun Times that, while getting in shape for spy film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, parenting was his gym. “Forget hand weights. Just lift up my kids about a million times a day,” he says, “Then go running after them when they take off in about a zillion different directions.”

“I work hard at playing harder than them,” he told GQ Australia.

As for the sports he’s played in his roles, it’s clear Costner has a history as an athlete. Costner told The Guardian that he grew up playing “the traditional American sports”— basketball, baseball, and football. As for golf, Costner said on The Rich Eisen Show, “I don’t get out much.” “That Tin Cup movie gave people the impression that was something I did all the time, and playing at Pebble Beach reinforced it,” he laughed. “But I don’t.”

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He Prioritizes Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Though Costner might not be strict with his workout regimen, the actor owes his longevity to getting outside and moving. “I’ve been real lucky about a lot of things in my life, but one of the things has been this ability to stay healthy,” Costner told GQ Australia, “I think one of the big things that helps me is that I don’t sit it out. I move. I get out there and take the biggest bite out of life that’s possible.”

Costner told GQ that one of his favorite ways to get outside is “a little horseback riding, followed by taking the kids out to the tide pools and just running around looking for crabs.” Of course, it’s easy to pull this off when you live on a gorgeous Santa Barbara ranch with a horse trail that leads to the ocean, as he showed us on Entertainment Tonight. Costner has also chatted with Jimmy Kimmel about their shared love of fly fishing.

Another way that Costner seems to get moving outside is with handiwork. While discussing his ranch in Aspen, Colorado, on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Costner said he works the ranch himself. “I’m not pushing cattle around, but I work it. I build the roads and do all the stuff, just because it’s what you do,” he said. “That is not what I would do,” O’Brien quipped back.

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He Seems to Live Off the Land…And Sea?

As one might guess by his outdoorsy and laid back attitude about fitness, his approach to food is pretty similar. Though the star hasn’t shared much on his go-to meals, some glimpses from interviews show that he might be a hunter-gatherer type of guy.

In the Entertainment Tonight tour of his ranch in Santa Barbara, Costner pointed to his coastal view, saying, “I go right out there for lobster.” In another interview on The Rich Eisen Show, Costner said that while on set in Arizona he often passed time by hunting quail and rabbit. And in yet another Rich Eisen interview Costner admitted that he and a stuntman once foraged for special mushrooms in between takes on the set of Robin Hood.

The Power of Music

Last but not least, who could forget Costner’s love of playing music? As evidenced by his Instagram handle, Kevin Costner & Modern West, Costner often plays country music with his band Modern West. Nothing keeps you feeling young and stress-free quite like strumming away on a guitar.

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