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Aerobics is fine, but after 40 strength training has to be your priority if you want your body to remain as you knew it until then… As Eftalia Tsimkas, trainer of Brooklyn FitboxingAt this stage our metabolism begins to slow down., physical and metabolic changes are produced that trigger a decrease at the functional level”. that’s why it’s so It is important to do strength exercises to prevent musculoskeletal and joint problems. Not to mention osteoporosis, which also makes its appearance from this age, “so much, strengthening the muscles and joints will make your bones a firm structure”, emphasizes Tsimkas. Do you know how to speed up metabolism?

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Strength exercise, all benefits

As the Brooklyn Fitboxing trainer emphasizes, “strength training reduces age-related loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia), slows physical deterioration and helps maintain a strong, flexible and healthy state of health.

And something very important, “strength training stimulates and improves bone mineral densitywhich prevents osteoporosis, so it is necessary to include strength exercises in our sports practice so that the bones continue to receive the necessary stimulus for bone remodeling and increased densitysays Tsimkas. “Strengthening and maintaining muscle mass as you age is key to maintaining strong bones,” emphasizes the trainer.

And if we go to the aesthetic part, the exercise of strength is, yes or yes, essentiale: “Maintaining good muscle mass is essential to avoid the signs of aging on the skin and, above all, to to be able to fight against the dreaded flacciditysays Tsimkas. “Strength training is key to increasing our muscle mass,” he adds. Here are exercises against flaccidity.

5 minute strength training for women

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Five minutes a day can be enough to see results

The ideal, as the Brooklyn Fitboxing trainer says is “propose global, functional and multi-joint exercises that involve large muscle chains: squats, push ups lunge, deadlift, row, bridge, plank, mountain climbers…”.

The ideal thing to obtain optimal results from strength training is to do about 20 minutes of practice, but if one day you don’t have that much time, do at least five minutes! For example, doing 5 repetitions of 5 different exercises, or intervals of 40″ training and 20″ resting, as Tsimkas proposes. Here’s a 15-minute resistance band workout.

I am in favor of a routine full body and more if you have little time”, says the Brooklyn Fitboxing trainer. “This type of work allows you to train all muscles in a single session and helps increase the level of muscle masssince the hormonal response to this type of training is quite appropriate in the search for strength gains”, he points out.

5 minute strength training for women

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Example of strength training in 5 minutes

The Brooklyn Fitboxing expert proposes a 5-minute strength training that we can do anywhere and that will also help you to continue training on vacation:

WOD-Amrap 5′.

An advice? Do as many rounds as possible in the five minutes!

  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 10 Lunges
  • 10 Dead Lift + Row
  • 20 Mountain Climbers

    Tsimkas explains to us how to do each exercise.


    Star movement within your strength routine, where we activate glutes, quadriceps and lower body in a complete way. Here you have 15 exercises for glutes.

    When carrying out the movement, slightly pull your knees out (if you point the tips of your feet slightly out, it will facilitate the journey). Check that your sole of the foot remains in contact with the ground, without taking off the toe or heeland that your weight is centered, keeping your back straight and your chest open.

    If you want more intensity add load: You can keep it close to your chest or with your arms stretched towards the ground.

    5 minute strength training for women

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    push up

    Complete exercise with great results. Focused mainly on working arms, chest and upper body, but also a great unknown such as the “core”, which involves its activation during execution. Here is an exercise routine for arms.

    Focus on bringing the chest towards the ground, keeping the body in block, and that the elbows point back without exceeding the shoulder. If it is difficult for you, try to support your knees or widen the separation of your feet.

    5 minute strength training for women

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    excellent exercise, powerful and effective, to strengthen and tone both buttocks and legs.

    By doing this move It is very important that you lower yourself gently, bringing your knee towards the ground but without touching it, and that you go up with “explosiveness” activating the gluteus in the leg extension. Keep your upper body upright, straight, and balanced.

    5 minute strength training for women

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    Dead Lift + Row

    Classic “multi-joint” movement of the posterior chain (hamstrings, hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors and lats) with which You are going to involve many muscle groups at the same time.

    For a correct execution performs a “hinge” movement, bringing the hip back (with more hip flexion than knees)noticing the weight in the heels, while you bring the load to the height of the knees and perform a traction directing the elbows back.

    Notice that during the tour your back remains straight, keeping the shoulders back and the scapulae connected. Feel the activation of the work in your hamstrings and dorsal.

    Find an appropriate barbell, dumbbells or load to make the move and go for it!

    5 minute strength training for women

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    Mountain Climbers

    Also known as “climbers”, is a complete, powerful and effective movement, where in addition to activating at a cardiovascular levelwe work core, involving muscles throughout the body. Here are 12 exercises for the gut.

    Pay special attention to the position of your back. To avoid suffering the lower back strongly activates the core by bringing the knee towards the chest and keep your arms shoulder-width apart with your arms stretched out, feeling yourself push back against the ground.

    Give it explosiveness and begin to feel the effectiveness of this exercise.

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