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FAMOUS FITNESS: Benefits of bikram yoga, Penélope Cruz’s favorite sport

Penelope Cruz She does not usually talk about her private life, so she is not one of those who publishes her fitness routines on her social networks to stay great at 49 years of age. But even so, over the years she has been dropping pearls in different interviews that have given us an idea of ​​how she takes care of herself, doing strength training and practicing bikram yoga regularly (a passion that she shares with her sister, Mónica Cross).

I suppose you already know that, like Monica, Penelope practiced

classic ballet in her youth up to four hours a day, which has made her a tenacious woman. This has made her aware of her, which she transfers to her daily life, carrying out

strength and cardio training between 3 and 4 times a week, depending on your professional commitments.

The actress prefers to exercise

in the morning to start the day with energy and, although he worries about maintaining a

healthy nutrition, weight loss diets are not in his plans: “I love eating healthy,” he said in an interview. “I don’t follow a specific diet, but I love healthy and organic food.”

As we have told you at the beginning of this article, one of his favorite sports is

bikram yogaa style of yoga that is practiced in a room

at 40 degrees in which a series of postures (asanas) determined in a specific order are developed, a characteristic that differentiates it from Hot yoga, whose practice is more variable.

Penelope Cruz at the San Sebastian Film Festival. /Gtresonline.

Benefits of Bikram yoga, Penelope Cruz’s favorite exercise

The actress has stated that the

bikram yoga He has completely changed his body. “You are drenched in sweat throughout the class. It’s 90 minutes, but once you’re past 60, the last 30 are easier,” she says. And it is that it is a very demanding practice but that gives some

spectacular results.


90 minute session It consists of a succession of 26 postures or asanas, as well as two breathing exercises at the beginning and end of the practice. Its movements work on concentration, self-control and balance, so it is a complete workout that requires a lot of physical and mental strength to cope with the

thermal demands.

In addition to enjoying all the advantages of yoga in general, Bikram stands out for its effectiveness in eliminating

toxins thanks to sweating (up to a liter of sweat per session). In addition, the heat helps to win

flexibility and the results begin to be noticed much earlier than if we did it without high temperatures.

Woman practicing yoga. /

Image from Freepik.

Bikram yoga is an ideal sport for

lose weightsince it burns calories very quickly thanks to its ability to activate the

metabolism, which helps burn fat even after finishing the practice. But not only that, since it fights fluid retention, making it easier to achieve a flat stomach by keeping annoying bloating away.

That in terms of its ability to help us lose weight, but you already know that the number that the scale shows is not everything and a

toned body and worked is much more beautiful than a simply thin one. For that, Bikram yoga can also help you, since

strengthens and tones the muscles of the whole body, as well as stretching them and relieving pain in the back, knees and other joints.


Additional benefits of Bikram is that it helps to sleep better, reduces stress and anxiety, strengthens the cardiovascular system and lung capacity, and develops concentration and patience, something highly underestimated in these times when immediacy seems to have won the game.

Of course, if you have the

low tension You should be careful with this practice, as it is easy for dizziness to appear during the practice. So that it does not happen to you, you can do like Penelope and take

pinches of salt throughout the day to keep tension at bay and reap all the benefits of the practice.

“The civilization and culture of the people depend on the education of women” – Carmen de Burgos, writer

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