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Finding Bliss in the Mundane

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Samadhi is usually translated as bliss. As I proceed to discover the limbs of yoga as translated, tailored, and knowledgeable by my Western views, I discover it useful to dive into the definition of phrases.

So, what does bliss imply?

Bliss means excellent happiness, nice pleasure, and merriment. This definition has made me notice that I’ve skilled extra moments of samadhi than I initially thought. When I used to be first studying the limbs of yoga, I felt that my previous conditioning influenced my idea of yoga. I had an underlying perception that “God” or “heaven” was elsewhere or that ecstasy may solely be skilled on one other aircraft of existence.

Samadhi is usually portrayed visually as somebody sitting in Easy Pose or Lotus Pose, both in nature or in a cosmic world highlighting the expansiveness of the universe. This can lead us to consider that there’s a particular path to realize samadhi.

But, right here’s the secret: you don’t really need a complicated yoga follow to expertise samadhi. Actually, you may expertise bliss in the most mundane process…in case you are prepared to launch all expectations and preconceived notions.

For instance, the different day I skilled my very own private model of Samadhi whereas washing the dishes. I used to be doing dishes with no fear about the previous and no care of the future. Instead, I used to be merely absorbed in the present process at hand—so totally that point ceased to exist. I nearly dropped a plate after which then caught it in unimaginable vogue. I laughed out loud and continued joyfully with this on a regular basis process. In that second, I used to be in a state of excellent happiness and charm. I didn’t expertise a Kundalini rising, the place power moved up my backbone; no colours swirled round me, and I didn’t have all the reply to the which means of life. Instead, I skilled union with myself and the move of life. I used to be actually embodying yoga.

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