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FIRST DATE SCANDAL | Hate on First Dates for a fitness trainer/doctor quote: “Is the body made up of 60 or 70 percent water?” “Very good”.

Hate on First Dates for a fitness trainer/doctor quote: “Is the body made up of 60 or 70 percent water?” “Very good”.

“He is the dumbest guy in the world”. It is said that social networks are polarizing opinion, but rarely has more convergence been seen than when it comes to qualifying one of the “First Dates” diners. The cocky, narcissistic and pedantic attitude of the man has led many to point him out as the most hateful applicant in the history of the dating program hosted by Carlos Sobera.

“First Dates” is a program that has been broadcast on Cuatro since 2016. It is a dating space based on a British format of the same name, in which five single couples looking for love must share a table and mentally to meet. At the end of the date, they decide if they want to see each other again or if, on the contrary, they consider that there has been no chemistry.

Despite not having overwhelming audience figures, always below a 10% share of the screen, “First Dates” has become one of the fixtures on the Cuatro grid. And not only that. It is also one of the chain’s programs that usually has the most impact on social networks.

That is what has happened in this case, in which the character of one of the diners has been in such bad taste that it has gone viral. In the famous clip in question you can see the diner, with a somewhat cocky attitude, giving the impression that he was testing the knowledge of his appointment, a doctor. “You can eat fish every day, you can’t eat shellfish, you have to limit it. Since you’re studying medicine, you can know how this subject is going,” he begins by saying, before questioning his tablemate again: “Is the body made up of 60 or 70 percent water? To which she replies that depending on age, muscle mass, etc… “Very good,” he said, as if he should give her approval. “How is that very good? I’ve gotten a degree,” she replied, visibly offended, to which he replied again, evidencing, as some network users point out, “her stupidity” of her: “You don’t need a career to know that, by being in the world of fitness you can know it.”

This conversation, which lasts just 30 seconds, is being the most commented on social networks. “What a tolai, friend”, “he is the dumbest uncle in the world”, “the grima made person”, “the contempt and superiority of the entire appointment was spectacular”, “the girl was very polite not to leave him there”, some wrote users, in a veritable cascade of comments among which the narcissistic diner comes out very badly.

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