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First-Time Parent? Here’s How To Take Care Of The Newborn

Do not pick up a newborn baby without washing your hands; remember the following things.

Best Parenting Tips for New Moms and Dads

If you are a first-time parent, there are many things you need to know about taking care of a newborn. How to hold, bathe and put the newborn to sleep? These are the things that play the most crucial role for parents in raising children. You must have also seen hospital experts tell you how to breastfeed and bottle-feed babies. The nurse even tells the mother to hold the newborn and change the baby’s clothes. These are all such things that are necessary to take care of your newborn baby. But, of course, if the husband and wife live alone, the newborn’s upbringing is a bit more complicated because no elder in the house can tell them about the newborn’s upbringing.

Newborn Needs Skin Touch

After becoming a mother, the most important thing you must learn is that the baby needs affection and skin touch. For this, give your child the touch of your body’s skin. This is also Kangaroo Care. Put the baby on your chest. It also helps the baby to regulate its heartbeats with your warmth. In addition, giving skin touch to the baby makes development faster.

Diaper Changing Tips

Keep checking the undergarments and diapers of the newborn baby frequently. A healthy child keeps urinating frequently. Staying with dirty diapers for a long time increases the child’s risk of infection and allergy. Also, many times diaper rashes occur on the newborn skin.

Head-Neck Support

There must be support on the head and neck of the newborn so that the neck does not bend. Whenever you put the newborn to sleep, please do not make him sleep without support on the neck and head. Give breast milk to the newborn instead of bottle feeding.

Avoid Jerking The Baby

People take it in their arms when a child starts crying. This is forbidden in baby care tips. Neonatologists agree that jolting or shaking the baby poses a risk of brain injury. In such a situation, there is an effect on the child’s brain health.

Please Wash Your Hands

It would be best to remember that whenever you go near the newborn, before holding them clean your hands so the newborn can avoid becoming a victim of any infection.

The Immunity Of Newborn Baby Is Weak

In such a situation, they get infected quickly. If you pick up a baby without washing your hands, the chances of getting infected will be high.

Talk To Baby

This may sound strange. But parents should talk to their children. It is necessary for the brain development of their newborn as sound and words activate it.

Feeding Bottle Cleaning

  1. If you do not breastfeed, clean the baby feeding bottle carefully.
  2. Sterilize feeding bottles regularly.
  3. Wash the bottle thoroughly before feeding.
  4. Clean the nipple properly; otherwise, it can make the child ill.

Keep The Newborn Well-Covered

  1. Do not bathe the baby in water immediately; wet a light cloth to wipe the body.
  2. For one year, clean the baby only two or three times weekly
  3. However, in the summer, you can bathe every day.

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