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Fit4Life achieves the exclusive distribution of WellnessSpace Brands for Spain

Fit4Life distributes in Spain the North American brand, WellnessSpace Brands, formerly known as HydroMassage, which has 30 long years of experience and is a leader in experiential wellness products. As such, large fitness operators already trust their products, such as Holmes Place, Fitness Park or Énergie Fitness, among others. WellnessSpace Brands is the creator of HydroMassage beds and chairs, CryoLounge+ chairs, and RelaxSpace pods.

Today’s gym members are looking for more than just a workout. They understand now more than ever that a balanced approach to wellness includes fitness, but also proper diet, sleep and rest, and recovery.

For this reason, most of the major gym operators around the world have started incorporating various wellness and recovery services into their models. The most widely used and successful services include water massage beds, cryotherapy, percussion therapy, red light therapy, stretching, and relaxation/mindfulness. These allow subscribers to recover their muscles, relieve stress and minor pain, and thus also improve their rest.

Fit4Life brings WellnessSpace Brands to Spain with the aim that fitness centers can incorporate a recovery and wellness space in their facilities and benefit from its high profitability. Adding a wellness space, no matter how small, has great benefits for a fitness club:

  • Generate a new source of income, by adding it to premium memberships, with a direct impact on sales.
  • It is an opportunity to attract potential customers, with a broader and more innovative range of services.
  • Differentiate your hub from competitors as well as increase partner retention rates.

WellnessSpace Brands Products

WellnessSpace Brands has three types of wellness chairs and beds, all of them designed to offer an experience of relaxation and recovery for the body and mind. With its innovative technology, users can relieve stress, muscle pain and stiffness, improve circulation, etc. in a practical and comfortable way. These products are:

  • HydroMassage. It is a dry hydromassage bed and chair with hot water, whose 10-15 minute massage targets specific areas for a personalized and relaxing experience. It is ideal for post-workout recovery in fitness centers. Its use provides:
    • Temporary relief of minor aches and pains.
    • Reduced levels of stress and anxiety.
    • Reduction of pain, stiffness and muscle tension.
    • Increased circulation in the local areas of the massage.
    • Improved feelings of well-being and deep relaxation.
    • Personalization with speed, intensity, temperature and body area controls.
    • Greater comfort than mechanical chairs with a roller, since its focused massage with hot water adapts better to the body.
  • CryoLounge+. It is the smartest solution to offer hot and cold therapy. The application of this type of muscle recovery treatment is increasingly popular (with gel packs, ice baths, cryotherapy chambers…), but when it comes to taking them to the general public, they are neither comfortable nor practical. CryoLounge+ was born to respond to this, giving easy and autonomous access to hot and cold therapy, since the chair can be used with clothes and without requiring attention from club staff. In addition, it reduces the inconvenience of other methods, since it allows you to choose the temperature, and customize the combination of cold and heat in specific areas.
  • RelaxSpace. It is an immersive multi-sensory wellness experience, designed to reduce stress, promote relaxation and improve muscle recovery in 15 minutes. It consists of a capsule that has a large format screen, audio, temperature and aroma controls. Thanks to heat therapy, this chair soothes sore muscles, while offering inspiring videos, meditation and breathing exercises, and a multi-sensory atmosphere that provides a unique well-being “reset” to its users.

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