Fitness anywhere, today we’re in the kitchen

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — You don’t have to go to a gym to get in your required exercise.  You can enjoy getting fit anywhere.  Here with more is Fitness Trainer, Asun Peterson from Upscale Fitness.  You don’t need a gym to get a workout in.  Today we are going to do a workout right in the comfort of your kitchen.  “You can be cooking and still get in some quality exercises” says Peterson.

Here they are:                                                                                                 Exercise 1:  Counter Top Squat – Grab or place your hands on the counter top for stability and lower your bottom into  a squatted position.  This exercise is great for your lower body.  You can do 15 repetitions or set yourself a 30 second time limit to complete the squats.

Exercise 2: Counter Top Lateral Lunges – Placed hands once again on the counter top and now spread your legs wide and lean to the left. Come back to a neutral position and lean to the Right.  This exercise gives you a good stretch and is great for inner thigh and glutes.

 Exercise 3: Counter Top Toe Raises – The calf muscle is often times overlooked.  Put your hands on the counter top, take your right foot and lift 6 inches off the ground , now raise up with your left foot.  Do 15 left foot raises and then 15 right foot raises and finally 15 both feet toe raises.  Your lower leg will thank you later.

 Exercise 4:  Counter Top Push Ups –  These are a favorite and easy to do.  Push back from the countertop with palms touching Countertop with a nice flat 60 degree angled body.  The further you move away from the counter top the more work and value of the exercise.

 Exercise 5:  Tomato Cans Triceps Kick Backs –  Move away from the counter top and grab a couple of canned vegetables or tomato cans.  Get your body in a nice bent over flat back position, arms in a good 90 degree position with hands by pocket, now extend hands back toward your glute area. Return to starting position and repeat exercise over again.   15 repetitions is all you need.

Exercise 6: Pot Squats – Take a huge pot, which you can fill with water or leave empty, then hold it like a kettle bell and do a good even squat. 10 – 15 repetitions will give extra work to the lower body.

Fitness can be done anywhere and with the things you have at your disposal. No gym required.  For mor great workout visit or follow Peterson @ADivineKing on Instagram

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