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Fitness granny reveals 720 lovers, men and women

Andrea Sunshine He is 53 years old and is far from representing his age, thanks to his worked body. The woman of Brazilian origin, in fact, is a grandmother, but she is very far from the image that this condition projects.

If the term grandmother evokes images of an elderly woman who likes to knit or tell stories to her grandchildren, then Andrea is diametrically different.

Shocking OnlyFans model surprised by traveling on public transport dressed as Barbie

This is the 29-year-old Mexican Alemia Rojas, whose success on TikTok and her striking curves keep her at the top of the adult platform.

The 53-year-old woman is a benchmark in the fitness world, a star of the networks and on OnlyFans, and also has no qualms about talking about her adventures and sexual experience.

He Daily Star presents the model of Brazilian origin as follows: “Fitness granny Andrea Sunshine isn’t tight-lipped about her sex life.”

The publication added: “In fact, the London influencer has had over 720 lovers in her bed and she’s not afraid to admit it.”

Men and women

Andrea, who some time ago acknowledged being bisexual, assured that her record of lovers includes both men and women.

The star of the networks, who in his account instagram accumulates more than 459,000 followers, She gave an interview to the Star, where she was asked about her bedroom antics: “Of course I’ve been having fun. Sex is my fuel.”

The influencer assured that she has been very active both in and out of her face since she divorced 18 years ago. Since then she has added more than 720 lovers of both sexes.

Andrea acknowledges that “being a grandmother is something that turns people on.”

Between 3 to 5 lovers per week

The queen of the networks took the accounts of her intimate life. “She claims to date around 3-5 people a week and she has enjoyed a flurry of open relationships over the past three years,” the Star detailed.

Andrea herself reveals what her secret is to maintain this rhythm and sexual appetite: “I have great self-confidence and pride in what I have accomplished in the last 53 years of my life.”

The model added that “I can make people feel more comfortable in their own skin to embrace their sexuality.”

open relationships

The influencer recognized that her ideal type of relationship is open, because they bring “good sex”. And regarding the type of lover that attracts her the most, she assumed that she likes dominators.

Andrea revealed that “I love someone who leaves me feeling disoriented, breathless. I love it when they pin me against the wall and bite my neck and take control.”

Undoubtedly, a grandmother was of the common parameters…

The keys

  • The so-called fitness grandma Andrea Sunshine did the math and determined that she has slept with more than 720 people, men and women.
  • The 53-year-old influencer of Brazilian origin revealed that she has led an extremely active life both in and out of bed since her divorce 18 years ago.

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