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Fitness influencer dies… from steroid abuse?

  • Fitness influencer Jo Lindner, originally from Germany, had more than 9.5 million followers on her Instagram account.
  • Although he was only 30 years old, he passed away and the cause of death mentions that it was due to a brain aneurysm.
  • One hypothesis mentions that the presumed cause of death was steroid abuse.

The sports world is mourning the unfortunate death of the famous fitness influencer Jo Lindner. It was a young man barely 30 years old who was known on social networks for his “perfect body”. He constantly shared posts with physical exercise recommendations for a healthy life. But then what happened?

The German-born youngster developed a taste for weights from a very early age. Therefore, he decided to become bodybuilder to achieve a muscular body and participate in various competitions worldwide.

At the same time that he became a professional, he also discovered social networks. Therefore, he logically used technology to show his exercise routines and motivate other people.

Addiction to physical exercise is not always positive

From the above it became a fitness influencer with worldwide recognition and reach. Just on her Instagram account, she managed to gather more than 9.5 million followers. While on various occasions he was considered a rejuvenated version of the fighter and actor Dwayne Johnson.

The problem was that the athlete suddenly died. Everything happened under strange circumstances because he had a completely healthy life and free of vices. Therefore, various hypotheses have been generated about what happened.

In the first instance, according to the death certificate, the cause of death of the 30-year-old was a brain aneurysm. It is a condition that occurs due to an abnormal widening of a weakened artery. It normally occurs in the part of the brain called the cerebrum.

Because the victim was a social media celebrity the matter has been of interest. While within the possibilities that caused the fatal event, the alleged steroid abuse. But is that possible?

In this regard, the Dr. Rand McClain mentions that anabolic steroids are actually unlikely to cause a brain aneurysm. Although what he did make clear is that these types of substances are related to an increased risk of heart disease.

In the same way, he said that it is necessary to end stereotypes and not draw anticipated conclusions. For the same reason, the world of bodybuilding should not be directly related to the abuse of illicit substances. In addition, affirmations cannot be made without knowing the details of the case in depth.

Vigorexia, a serious disorder on the rise

Although it occurs to a greater extent in men, cases have also been detected in women. According to the specialists, β€œvigorexia is anorexia but in reverse”. Sufferers are often dissatisfied with their bodies and never achieve an ideal appearance.

Although the benefits of physical exercise are always mentioned, when taken to the extreme it is harmful. In this case, suffering from vigorexia means taking the human body to worrying extremes. More is required of you than you can resist with the intention of shaping and toning you.

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