Fitness Influencer Recreates a Healthier Version of McDonald’s Most Popular BIG MAC Burger Containing 26 Grams Protein

It is no news that bodybuilding demands a lot of lifestyle sacrifices. However, even the most dedicated bodybuilders, such as Chris Bumstead, give in to their cravings. At times it’s hard to resist the tempting juicy burgers or the cheese-loaded fries. But what if there is a way to reap all the dietary benefits of a burger without having to regret later? Australian fitness influencer, Dez Cerimagic has brought a recipe that every foodie fitness enthusiast might want.

Recently, Cerimagic took to his Instagram account to share the recipe for a highly nutritious burger. The Aussie claims his burger is healthier than McDonald’s popular Big Mac. Along with the recipe, he also listed down its nutritional contents. So what is this special easy and healthy burger recipe?

Fitness with the junkie twist


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On 14th February 2023, fitness influencer Dez Cerimagic took to his Instagram account ‘_aussiefitness’ to reveal a high-protein Mac burger. Adding a caption he wrote, “HIGH PROTEIN BIG MAC🍔💪🏼 Healthy & Easy🔥.” According to Cerimagic, unlike McDonald’s famous 563-calorie burger, the burgers made with his recipes only contain 555 calories. Notably, an average burger usually contains 52g of protein and 19g of fat.

Dez Cerimagic’s 2-burger recipe includes 400g of extra lean beef mince, salt, pepper, garlic powder, smoked paprika, 2 slices of cheddar cheese, lettuce, seeds brioche buns, 24g diced white onion, pickles, and 25g of sauce. To make the sauce, he used 20g Gherkin Relish, 1 tbsp pickle juice, 15g Yellow Mustard and 100g light or fat-free mayonnaise.


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In the video post, Dez Cerimagic guided the viewers on how to use the ingredients. The amazing twist left the viewers drooling over the double-juicy burgers.

Dez Cerimagic amazes fans with his special burger recipe

As Cerimagic unveiled his secret for the world to see, fans took to the comments section to share their views. One fan mentioned the nutritional content of McDonald’s burgers for viewers to see and compare. They wrote, “For the record, a McD’s Big Mac: 563 calories 33 grams fat 26 grams protein.” Amazed by the promising protein content in the new recipe, one fan commented, “FIFTY TWO GRAMS OF PROTEINNNNN 🔥🔥🔥🔥”


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Predicting the aftermath of the post, another one wrote, “McDonald’s share price just dropped 50%. Will eat 🙂.” A curious fan also added, “So what you’re saying is that if I use a lean mince instead of extra lean, and regular mayo I can turn this into a really nice bulking food too.”


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As fans are ready to try out the new recipe, let us know what you think of these Big High Protein burgers.

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