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FITNESS: Karsten shrug: work muscles and say goodbye to back pain

Recent studies suggest that there are additional results hidden behind the exercises that could be considered more traditional. One of them is the

Shruga variation in which you use a cable machine and lifting straps slightly tilting your shoulder inward during the movement.

These seemingly small details allow you to work your

trapezius muscles in line with the muscle fibers and from a stretched position. And since these things tend to be beneficial for workout results, Karsten shrugs can help you get more muscle growth, faster strength progress, and prevent back pain.

Also, by working each side separately, the

Karsten shrugs make it easier to avoid muscular imbalances. As cons one could argue the need for a cable machine or a tight resistance band setup and that your workouts may take a little longer because you have to work each side separately.

What are Karsten shrugs


Karsten shrugs They are a variation of the traditional shrug exercise allowing for the somewhat unusual directions of the trapezius muscle fibers. To get started, you want to have the cable pulley close to the ground and a single D-grip handle.

Next, grab the handle with straps or pads, take a few steps away from the pulley, slightly leaning your upper body forward and letting your arm follow the tension of the cable machine. Bend your neck to the sides (away from the cable machine) and forward to a position where you feel

the trapezius muscles are stretched more.

Slowly shrug your shoulder on the side of the cable machine up and back and roll in. Everything to the extent that you are as comfortable as possible and without forcing yourself. Lower the shoulder to the previous position with a

controlled movement and repeat on the other side.

Muscles worked with Karsten shrugs


major muscles The ones you work with Karsten’s shrugs are the traps, and more specifically, the upper body. Also, since you normally do Karsten shrugs with a lot of weight, this exercise also works the grip muscles of the forearm a lot.

Woman with toned arms. /UNSPLASH

To prevent these muscles from becoming fatigued before reaching your optimal trapeze repetition and establishing ranges, you should use weight lifting pads or straps. On top of that, keep in mind that you’ll still need a good total-body training plan with the right resistance, repetition, set, and frequency of training to hit your goals.

muscle development goals.

Benefits of Karsten Shrugs

Its benefits include both the more standard effects of regular shrugs as well as some of the more unique aspects of this variation. You will see how after several sessions the rep ranges can

make muscles grow and strengthen more of the trapezoid

Working the muscles in the direction of your muscle fibers tends to be more effective in getting results and may

prevent shoulder and back pain, significantly reducing the risk of injury. Plus, you’re going to be working your trapezius in a stretched position, which generally results in more muscle growth and strength progress.

This training also confers a high aesthetic component, since you will look more attractive while

you avoid muscular imbalances. By working each side of your trapezius separately, it becomes easier to give them the same workout. This can help you generate a very valuable muscular balance both for sports practice and for day-to-day life.

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