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Fitness kitten uses the treadmill to exercise: “Kittens are very curious” | TikTok | Viral video | Gym | LOCOMUNDO

A fitness cat! A recent video has been going around the world and has gone viral in seconds, since it is something completely unusual. A my child surprised millions of users by using the machine to run to exercise while his partner watched him.

As can be seen in the clip shared by the user @catmaniaprowhen the exercise machine was turned on, the most robust kitten tried to stay on the runner, but was expelled by the speed exerted by the device.

Within seconds, the animal was back on its feet on the treadmill and began to run briskly for exercise.

The most curious thing is that his companion was encouraged to jog for a short time with his front legs when he saw that his friend did the same. In the end, the protagonist was exhausted and dropped from the artifact.

“Precious”, “Beautiful”, “How beautiful michi, I want one just like it”, “Kittens are very curious”, “Michis never give up, it looks so beautiful”, “I am the white cat believing that he exercises ”, “The cat tells the other to accompany him to the gym”, “I did want to see the white cat rolling”, were some comments from netizens.

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