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fitness: Learn the technique to do propulsion exercises well and enjoy all its benefits


propulsion exercises They are a very popular compound workout that is part of the CrossFit training program. Martial artists and athletes also practice it and consist of a combination of

front squat and military press. Indeed, it is an advanced exercise that requires a good physical condition.

It is a full body exercise that is very useful in daily life. Helps improve the


muscle endurance and the

balance. Helps build upper and lower body strength by working the quads, glutes, and shoulders. They can also help you

develop a strong core and it’s a top-notch cardio workout.

It is important to know

proper techniques when performing propulsion exercises. You can start using just one bar. add

weight gradually as your strength increases, you become more comfortable with the movement and confident that you are using proper technique. This is important for

avoid injury and get the most benefits.

How to do propulsion exercises

All your movements must be


constants and

controlled. It should not be divided into short or isolated movements. Do at least 10 impulses. To start, use a

overhead grip to hold a barbell and stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your hands should also be shoulder width apart.

carry the

shoulders back and down while keeping your spine aligned. make a slight

bending at the knees. Your feet should be under the bar. Slowly take the

barbell to clavicle or above the shoulders. Place the

elbows under or looking forward.

Woman doing CrossFit/PEXELS

Involve your

core and expand your chest as you slowly lower your body to a standing position.

deep squat. Drop your buttocks lower than parallel to the ground if you are flexible enough, as if you were

sitting. Engage your core and slightly rotate your knees for stability.


press the heels and the outer part of the feet against the floor and lift the elbows as you return to your feet with all your power. When your hips are nearly in line to stand straight,

contract the glutespress the heels into the floor and extend the

overhead bar.

Stretch your arms and extend your

head forward so that your ears are in front of your biceps. Go back to

align head with arms. Slowly lower the bar to clavicle level and repeat the movement. You can also do propulsion exercises using

dumbbells to improve your balance.

Benefits of propulsive exercises

you are before a

compound exercise, since it uses more than one joint and combines the front squat and the military press. requires that

raise your heart rate, thus improving your performance and cardiovascular condition. It also helps

boost you

metabolism and

increase resistance and

muscular strength.

Woman lifting weight/PEXELS

It’s about a

demanding physical work that will allow you to improve intermuscular coordination, movement efficiency and flexibility. propulsion exercises

work the whole body and muscles used include glutes, quads, hamstrings, core, back muscles, triceps, and back.

You can choose

work with a coach when you are learning to do this exercise because it is not easy to develop the proper technique. Remember

listen to your body. Control your pace and rest when necessary. Increase the weight gradually to avoid injury.

Challenge your limits, but always with knowledge.

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