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Fitness market: what are the sports equipment most demanded by people from Lima? | Treadmills | bicycles | ECONOMY

The lack of time, the climate, the lack of flexibility in the schedule, and even citizen insecurity are leading more and more citizens of Lima to choose to purchase personal training machines (MEP) that allow them to work out from home.

This is revealed by a qualitative study carried out by R.O.K.experience center and store specializing in sports equipment, to 200 athletes from Metropolitan Lima. He concluded that the reasons for buying a MEP They would be keeping fit without leaving home, exercising their muscles at a time that suits them, losing weight and improving their immune system.

What are the favorite training machines?

Research indicates that they are treadmills and stationary bicycles the most recognized and demanded equipmentthey are also slightly most preferred by women.

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Also they mini gym (more chosen by men) and ellipticals have high recall. Analyzing the demand of the market that handles the last semester, it is found that treadmills (12.8%), bicycles (11.6%) and elliptical (10.0%) They concentrate the largest purchase.

What channels would be the most chosen when buying?

The personal training machines They prefer to buy them in physical stores owned by the brand rather than in virtual or department stores, since this allows consumers to see the equipment in person, test it, observe its features and quality, as well as compare the variety of models, speeds, and sizes. .

On the other hand, the features that would be most considered for purchase are brand (38.3%), variety of functions (28.3%), cutting-edge technology (18.3%), resistance (15%) and modern design (13.3%).

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