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Fitness model Jen Selter’s method to lose weight without a diet

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The only thing you need to follow Jen Selter’s workout routine and have a lean and toned bodyPexels

Losing weight is not only possible, but it can also be easier than it seems if you have the right attitude. Are you looking for tips to lose weight? It is important that you take the whole process with philosophy since the head also has an important role to achieve the final objective.


The moment is always good, if you believe that it is your moment. Set the goal and, in addition to eating healthy and exercising daily, take care of your eating habits. Everything will be easier It’s not just about cutting fat and counting calories.There are other factors that make us gain weight without us being aware of it.

Keys and common risks to lose weight: better in the long term

Losing weight and getting a flat stomach without going on a diet is possible

One of the most important risks when it comes to losing weight is the dreaded rebound effect, the one that makes us recover the lost weight once we abandon the diet to which we have undergone for a certain time. This is something that happens especially with miracle diets that are focused on losing a lot of weight in a short time.

Doctors and nutritionists agree that the best way to lose weight is to do it long-term, establishing healthy consumption habits on a daily basis so that it is not just about being on a diet, but about having a healthy and balanced diet. If, in addition, we add sport, we will be a little closer to achieving our goal.

Cardio is fine but don’t forget muscle building when exercising

Gym routine: this is what you should do on your first day

The exercise makes you spend some energy, but it should never be the only base: the key to adding and subtracting is in the feeding. However, doing sports speeds up metabolism, which is key to burning more calories with everyday actions and losing weight faster.

Cardio, that is, any activity that requires a long-term effort, is the type of exercise that burns the most. But we insist: you should not base your training plan only on this because in addition to fat it eliminates muscle. To keep the latter in tune you must also do anaerobic exercisesthat is to say, those that are not of substance but of strength.

The Jen Selter method: no diet and only two exercises

Jen Selter exercises daily and gets great results

With 14 million followers on Instagram, Jen Selter is undoubtedly one of the most reputable fitness models on the planet.. The New Yorker used to show her followers what she eats and how she exercises to keep her body slim and toned. She has now revealed her biggest secret: her two talisman exercises hers.

This routine is not subject to a specific diet, which does not mean that you must have a correct diet to notice the benefits. In our health section you will find all the advice you need. What we bring you today are Jen Selter’s two exercises to lose weight and tone up. She does them early in the morning and with them she manages to strengthen the main muscle groups.

Exercise 1

The first consists of taking a dumbbell of the weight that best suits your muscles with each hand and stretching your arms. Keeping your back straight, bring one knee up as far as you can, contract your arms, straighten them again, lower the knee and repeat the process with the other leg. Jen does 20 repetitions of this intense movement.

Exercise 2

Using a single dumbbell this time and grasping each side with one hand, also keeping your back straight, fully extend your arms up. At the same time, lower the arms and raise one leg, with the knee straight, trying to touch the foot with the dumbbell. He lowers his leg, raises his arms, and follows the same steps with the other leg. The model is capable of chaining 25 repetitions.

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