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Floppy Tesouro’s sporty chic looks to train with glamor

For Floppy Treasure Training is also synonymous with style and it is no coincidence to see her combine different outfits that generate a sensation on her social networks. Their sporty looks They set trends and are true to their style, they are always original proposals.


Always ready to train, the model who promotes a healthy life also does so with her clothes. Floppy’s latest fashionista choice for training was all the rage: it’s a kind of long catsuit to the bodywith a leading detail of stamped stars.

The star catsuit that Floppy Tesouro wore to train. Photo: Instagram

In format total blackwith stars contrasting in gold, Tesouro demonstrated that you can train comfortably and at ease, but without neglecting the glamor. “The week ends training,” shared Floppy, who accompanied the clothes with an ideal up-do for later training.


On another occasion, Floppy took advantage of the heat of the city to show off top and short pleated skirt, ideal for a comfortable and stylish workout. To this comfy look, total black, one of its wild card colors, He added a matching black cap and collected hair.

Floppy Tesouro’s total black top and skirt look. Photo: Instagram

Flirty by nature, Moorea’s mother never leaves her looks to chance, much less when it comes to training, a routine that is part of your everyday lifestyle.

Floppy Tesouro worked out in an incredible bodysuit. /Instagram

Floppy is one of the many famous sporty looks add to the boom and always adding a chic touch to her wardrobes, she generates admiration for her combinations.

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