From fitness to fashion, Lina Bathia is robustly following her passion

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” But how many of us correctly decoded these words? Very few! Well-known influencer Lina Bathia is one of them. This young and skilled lady is following what her heart wants, and thus, she has achieved tremendous success.  Lina Bathia is a fitness freak at heart. She loves keeping her body in shape, and she is successfully manifesting her dreams to become a successful fitness entity. Take a look at her Instagram posts, and you will be moved by her perfectly carved physique. She is a nutritionist and has worked in the fitness realm for years. And now she has carried the same aura to the online space.  Besides fitness, the influencer is also a huge fashion head. She maintains her style flawlessly and is happy to share it with her fans. Lina Bathiaalways wears amazing outfits that catch the attention of everyone. For example, she shared a picture of herself in a black bikini bra with a flower-printed skirt and round hat, which made netizens go crazy. But if you think she just slays in western wear, then no! Lina also knows how to look like a diva in traditional outfits.  The influencer is also a mother and still manages to maintain her curves and follow her passion. Speaking of passion, Lina Bathia says, “There’s something different about pursuing things that you truly like. When you are following your passion, there’s no place for boredom, so you love doing it. Isn’t it better to achieve things that we truly like rather than investing our time, efforts, and money in something else?” She is popular on Instagram and is recognised for her impeccable style and hot body aesthetics. She’s been active on the social media platform for about years now. Today, Lina has 170k followers on Instagram. Her post frequency is high, which keeps her fans hooked. She also customises diet plans when you travel and lets you eat everything.

She has also worked with brands like Grand Hyatt, Studio6 Jewels, Richaa Goenka, Ritu Kumar, Wellbeing Nutrition, Max Protein, and more. In the future, Lina Bathia wishes to follow her passion in a bigger way and wants to expand her profile in the online space. 

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