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Full-body tracking and fitness apps: Apple has developed many more unannounced features for the Vision Pro headphones

Earlier this month, Apple finally officially unveiled its first virtual reality and augmented reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. Its capabilities are impressive, but it turns out that the company has developed many more features that it didn’t reveal in the presentation.


Wayne Ma of The Information says that Apple has been working on or has already developed some unannounced features that could be added for the headset’s launch (early 2024) or even later with visionOS software updates. Or they may not be added at all.

Former employees who worked on the device said the company has many more fitness apps planned, including interacting with content on a cycling machine and even special sweat-wicking headbands. There was also talk of collaborations with brands like Nike for workouts with headphones.

In addition, Apple wanted the headphones to be able to track the user’s entire body, not just the movements of the head and arms. This feature is one of the reasons why the device has two downward-facing cameras that can view the user’s body and hands. Earlier this month, Apple officials told developers that full-body tracking wouldn’t be available even in time for the Vision Pro’s launch.

The report says that Apple was planning to make 3D content available on the Apple TV+, but that could be announced at a later time.

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